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We will earn money through intermediation, where the whole essence is based on the laws of the market: we take the demand, we look for an offer which we redirect to the demander and we take our percentage of the transaction. There is a site link-base.org, which lists both white and shadow forums. We are interested in the sections: buy and sell.

Consider just one of the options.

Will be a big plus knowledge of English. Income will be able to increase at times. We look at the sections "buy", we need topics where people buy any digital products or information in large quantities. Then we make sure that the person is ready to purchase this product on a regular basis.

Analyzing the "buy" section on Fcash, you may notice a cool topic - "I buy Webmoney wallets". Who is narrow-minded, will think: "Cool, I can sell my wallet!", but we think differently. We scoured the prices of different wallets and found out what a fence-seller needs. The prices are decent, averaging between $150 and $600 for good purses. It was noticed that on one of the platforms of my arrival, there are no similar themes. That's where the idea of becoming an intermediary came in. You create a theme with the same proposal on another forum.

From one transaction of $ 100, do not take it into your pocket. The fence gives for the purse of $ 200? Write to the client - I'll take for $ 150. If he agrees, then everything is clear. Doesn't agree? We give a maximum of $170. - Okay. 

Looking at similar offers to buy and sell similar topics in various forums, you can find other curmudgeon webmoney wallets. When the proposal comes from the client, forward proposal buyup and see who will give more, be sure to haggle and give those who offer more. 

When buying and selling purses essentially no investment is needed. But! Here great importance is credibility, many depend on the reputation of the account, the date of registration and transaction through the guarantor. What to do if you just registered, you have no trust, etc.? This will be discussed below. The main task is to choose for yourself a dozen forums with a very good activity.

How to get credibility? Three ways.

1 way (Free). You need to start to behave actively on the forums, which registered, share interesting information, etc.. And so with all forums. Ideally, of course, spend 4 weeks on this and every day something to post;

2 way (paid) forum status purchase "seller" or any other "VIP" package. After this to you will trust and can safely get down to work;

3 way (Paid) Simply can buy an account of the old registration with reputation.

You don't need trust everywhere. As long as you use 1 way, you can deal with cheap products in parallel, for example, accounts of social networks, the same Instagram, on average, it's 7-8 rubles. The turnover of this product accrue hundreds of thousands daily. 

Create topics of purchase on dozens of forums, and on foreign ones as well. Some vendors have sent several tens of thousands of accounts. You just need to send the received text files to the curmudgeon and give the proceeds to the seller. You will buy up to 5 or 6 rubles. In general, look on the forums of curmudgeons. For the client was comfortable working with you, start a lot of messengers Telegram, WhatsApp, Jabber, etc. Also, have all possible wallets.

Do not work with those who have absolutely no reputation, at most through a guarantor-transaction. And do not show that you are a reseller. Just a lot of sellers do not know the real price. Also cheat. Say one price first and wait for the seller's reaction, if he became indignant, then say a better price, and say the price is better than you do not. Recommended for re-buying: databases, wallets, accounts, game accounts, and more. First, take a couple of offers from a scoop and pour it into different forums, where there is not much of it.


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