Пользователей Android предупредили о новом сверхопасном вирусе

­Users of devices running the Android operating system are threatened by the new superhazardous TangleBot virus. This is the warning from TechSpot, citing Proofpoint researchers, who note that so far the threat is relevant to residents of the U.S. and Canada.

Analysts are confident that this Trojan is able to completely take control of smartphones or tablets, which turns them into devices to spy on their owners. Proofpoint notes that the creators of the virus have chosen a fairly complex model of distribution. First, the victim receives an SMS on his phone disguised as a notification about a vaccination against coronavirus. Clicking on the link, the user sees a message stating that they cannot view the content of the site until they update the Adobe Flash software, which was in fact removed from support on mobile devices back in 2012. Instead of the claimed update, the victim downloads and installs TangleBot. The trojan then gains access to the microphone, camera, browser history and saved passwords. In addition, it can grant permission to change device settings to itself, view geolocation, as well as to make calls and block them. Earlier, Android users were warned about the new tactics of another dangerous virus - Flubot. It mimics security messages, causing users to receive notifications that their devices are already infected with the virus. Clicking on the link from the notification, the owner of the gadget downloads a "security update", which is, in fact, the Flubot virus.


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