1 Million Before the Age of 21

3 people who made their own $1 million before the age of 21


Fraser Doherty.

Starting in 2002, Fraser Dougherty started making jams. By the time he was 16, his business was so profitable that he dropped out of school and went into the business for good. The profits were not long in coming. In 2009, SuperJam brought the young talent $1.2 million.


Joshua Dziabiak

Joshua Dzyabiak, 18, sold his very first hosting company called Mediacatch for $1 million in 2005. He used the money to buy a Mercedes and a TV, and invested the rest of the money in new ventures. Among them was Showclix, a Web site that allows cultural centers, concert halls and venues to sell tickets online. Ticket fees brought him another $9 million in the past year alone. 


Katherine Cook

Katherine Cook, 15, and her brother Dave, then 17, flipped through the pages of their high school yearbook in 2005 and came up with the idea to create a free, interactive, Internet-only version of it. A little while later, Cookie merged their social network with the now-famous Zenhex.co, doubling the number of visits. By 2006, MyYearbook.com had already raised $4.1 million from U.S. Venture Partners and First Round Capital, with over 3 million members worldwide. Since then, annual sales have been in the double digits.


So believe in yourself. You can't be too old or too young to make a fortune. You just have to believe in what you're doing and go after your ideas and your dreams.


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