10 actors and actresses who died while being very popular

River Phoenix (age 23).

The older brother of recent "Joker" star Joaquin Phoenix, River has lived only 23 years, having managed to shine brightly in half a dozen pictures. If not for the excessive swagger of life, an irrepressible passion for adventure and breadth of soul, River Phoenix, of course, would have grown into a major star of his generation, but addiction proved stronger. Trapped in a drug swamp, the young star burned up in the arms of his friends in a matter of minutes - a bitter loss for all cinema.


Anton Yelchin (age 27)

Stupid domestic mistake sharp pain echoed in the hearts of millions of viewers around the world - one of the brightest and most talented of our former compatriots were killed under the wheels of their own cars, snapped from the handbrake. Anton Yelchin was only 27, but under his belt was already "Terminator" and "Star Trek", and ahead of him was an incredible variety of new roles. Few actors are so able to dispose to themselves and colleagues, and the audience and critics.


Heath Ledger (28 years)

Filmography Heath Ledger is so bright and diverse that from the side it might seem as if the actor has lived not one, but three lives. But the reality is much more tragic - Ledger left this world at age 28, full of plans and ready to conquer new roles and unexpected images. It is believed that the actor broke the hard preparation for filming in "The Dark Knight," but the dangerous spring was inherent in the character of Ledger. The Joker only pulled the trigger.


Sergei Bodrov Jr. (30 years).

Very soon it will be 20 years since the death of Sergei Bodrov Jr., but the generation that grew up on Vzglyad and Brat still can't accept that the man that every young guy from the '90s wanted to be associated with will never get out of the Karmadon Gorge tunnel again. Bodrov was fountain of ideas, he filmed and shot a lot himself, he was able to lead and symbolize the honor of the nation. But forever he remained thirty years old.

In a pile of pictures Brittany Murphy is not easy to find those in which she would not shine with happiness and admired her wide contagious smile - even in those pictures where her character had to cry and suffer, Murphy had the power to set the audience on a positive. An extensive filmography Brittany allows fans to remember the actress in a variety of ways, but even more roles she could have played, had there been no tragedy.


Marilyn Monroe (age 36)

Hollywood's leading blonde Marilyn Monroe in her final years of life had a difficult career, but her popularity and did not think to decline, even despite a series of scandals. Moreover, after experiencing at the height of the surge of public interest, by the age of 30, the actress has also found a response in the hearts of tough critics. If not for the death, around which there is still much uncertainty, Monroe could have moved on to more serious dramatic roles. But the drama took her away from her fans.


Paul Walker (40).

There's some sort of silly mockery of fate involved, but actor Paul Walker, whose name is inextricably linked in fans' memories with the Fast and Furious series of racing movies, died in a car accident. As if this "pun" was not enough, the universe also arranged everything so that Paul was a passenger of the crashed car, not the driver. Had it not been for that crash, Walker would have shined on the "Fast and the Furious" team for years to come, alternating between action movies and dramatic roles.


Chadwick Boseman (43).

It is only on the screen, superheroes can perform incredible feats, to sacrifice themselves, and then rise from the dead as if nothing has happened - with the actors treated fate is much tougher. Even colleagues Chadwick Bowsman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe did not know about the actor's serious illness, so his sudden death was a shock to all. But how many films he could still have time to do - Bowzman's talent began to unfold only in the last five years.


Andrei Mironov (Age 46).

Soviet actors grew and aged somewhat differently than their Hollywood counterparts, so it may seem that Andrei Mironov passed away at some advanced age, but the star of the national comedy was only 46 when the actor's heart stopped. And what is much more important - the popularity of Mironov over the years did not think to decline, he had many offers to act in films, Andrei served in the theater and performed creative evenings until the finale.


Philip Seymour Hoffman (age 46)

White hair, rounded shape and beard Philip Seymour Hoffman not a single viewer was misled - in fact, in front of us was not an old grandfather, and quite strong man who has remarkable acting talent. Brilliant living on-screen drama Hoffman in real life was much weaker than his characters and succumbed to temptation. And one Oscar and three nominations could only be the beginning of a great journey.


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