10 answers to strange questions that have long troubled many people

What would happen if you didn't talk for a year?


Communication is an essential part of our daily lives. It would be really hard for a normal person to remain silent all year round. However, if someone chooses to refrain from talking, it won't have much impact.


Such behavior would not hurt anyone. A person, does not lose the ability to speak, and the facial muscles do not wilt as we continue to move them while eating, brushing our teeth, and expressing our emotions. However, there may be minor and temporary problems with the voice.


What would happen if you didn't shower for a year?


A year without a bath isn't likely to kill you, but you certainly wouldn't want to be in your company during this experiment. Your body will be full of bacteria and dead skin, and you're bound to get a harsh odor.


You are likely to get pimples, rashes, dandruff, and various fungi. Even a small cut will guarantee an infection. When you finally decide to take a bath, your skin will recover in a few weeks.


What would happen if the Earth stopped spinning?


The Earth's rotation speed is 1,600 kilometers per hour, but we don't even notice it. The consequences of detention would be tragic, as is not difficult to guess.


In addition to cooling on the dark side of the planet, monstrous winds and tsunamis above the mountains would plague the earth. Volcanic eruptions on land and underwater would destroy everything in its path. In fact, it would be the end of humanity.


What would happen if Google stopped working for 30 minutes?


In fact, a similar situation happened in 2013 when Google and all of its related services stopped working for about 5 minutes. Internet traffic dropped by 40 percent. But even a 30-minute outage won't cause any problems.


Google itself would lose a lot of money, as would all the companies using the services. Users would be furious, and meanwhile the number of phone calls would increase, and competing search engines could count on more profits.


What would happen if everyone lived for 100 years?


If everyone got a few dozen extra years, there would be a lot more elderly people in the world, which would change society dramatically. More people would live out of town. There would be more advertising aimed at the elderly, and consumption rates would rise rapidly.


The crime rate in big cities would drop dramatically, and raising children would no longer take up most of your life. The role of friendship would become much more important, but the problem of overpopulation would become much more serious.


What if you drank carbonated drinks instead of water?


Obviously, this is not a good idea. The acid in carbonated drinks would begin to destroy tooth enamel, and the harmful bacteria in the plaque would begin to feed on the sugar, leading to tooth decay. You will become addicted to sugar.


You get 5,432 extra calories every day, which is equal to eating two large pizzas. You are more likely to start struggling with obesity, liver obesity and cardiovascular disease will appear.


What would happen to your body if you lived on Mars?


Living on Mars would definitely not be good for your health. Because of a different gravitational force, your red blood cell count would drop, causing your immune system to deteriorate, and radiation would increase your risk of cancer by 10 percent.


Chemicals from Mars soil will impair thyroid function and increase blood pressure. High doses of these chemicals can also seriously damage your lungs.


What happens if you clone yourself?


Despite the basis of crazy science fiction movies, a clone would not look like you. Appearance depends on genes, but the environment during pregnancy also has an impact. In addition, your clone may have a completely different personality because of different experiences.


Looking at cloned animals is unlikely to be healthy. There are often brain defects, heart and liver problems, and a poorly functioning immune system.


What if people could move at the speed of light?


For humans, time would flow slower. The view of the world would also change - everything would be like a long, dark tunnel. At a certain speed, we would only know darkness, because the wavelength of light would be outside the visible range.


What would have happened if the dinosaurs had not become extinct?


If the dinosaurs had continued to exist, mammals would not have evolved beyond rodents. Thus, no primates, and thus no humans, would appear in the world. If the catastrophe had not occurred, mammals would not have been able to compete with the giant reptiles, and we simply would not exist.


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