10 cheapest cryptocurrencies of 2022 !

Which is the cheapest crypto currency? And can we get such a currency apart from expensive crypto currency like bitcoin, whose price is equal to 1 rupee. Friends, we know that you people will also be in search of finding such a partner cryptocurrency and today we will complete your search in this article.

Friends, whenever you want to earn a good profit from crypto currency in less money, then the first option comes to you and that is to buy such a very low price cryptocurrency whose price will decrease as well as increase in future. There is doubt.

We have seen that the price of cryptocurrencies like Dogcoin and Bitcoin was very low, but over time, their prices have increased in such a way that the person who has invested ₹ 100 has earned crores of rupees from that ₹ 100 today.

For this reason, the question arises in the minds of many people, which is the cheapest cryptocurrency in today's time, which can also have possibilities of moving forward, that is why I have brought this entire article for you guys today. 20 such cryptocurrencies that you can buy at very low prices and also we have told about such cryptocurrencies which are very likely to jump in their price with a low price.

The price of some of these crypto currency is within ₹ 100, while the price of some crypto currency is less than ₹ 1. We hope that you will like the information about the cheapest cryptocurrency given in this article and hope that you Will give good profits in future, just one last request from you is that you read this article of ours leisurely from beginning to end.

1. Underdog

Friends, let's start with Under Dog crypto currency, which costs less than one rupee, so you can invest 100-200 works in this crypto in this coin as well.


The price of Underdog is up 1.01% in the last 7 days. The current price is ₹0.0019380506 per DOG. If you are thinking of investing in this, then you can buy it for a long time.



Shiba Inu is a cryptocurrency that was created in August 2020 by an anonymous person or say anonymous member and is a decentralized cryptocurrency.

That is, this crypto currency is not controlled by anyone, in recent times, if this currency is very much in trend, then its prices may rise in the future.

3. BitcoinZ

By the way, BitcoinZ was reportedly launched on 9 September 2017 without any premine, developer fees, ICO, and it was not a chain fork of any coin. BitcoinZ has always committed itself to be GPU minable and ASIC-resi.

4. Telcoin

Telcoin was created in Singapore in July 2017 by Paul Neuner, this cryptocurrency is not concentrated by anyone.

In which blockchain technology has been used, that is, how much telcoin you have, no government or any organization is aware of it.

5. DOGGY coin

$0.0023 DOGGY This is the kind of coin that allows you to exchange for the crypto doggy #NFT. And the logos that appear in it are animated dogs designed by one of a select few artists.

6. Dock

Blockchain technology has been used in this like other popular cryptocurrencies, where any user can buy Dokcoin without sharing his personal information with anyone, due to which we can invest in it and earn money from it daily.

7. VeChain

This cryptocurrency is also completely safe and blockchain technology operates this cryptocurrency. The best part is that its price is very low.

If we see a few days ago today, its price was even less, but looking at the increase in their price, it is estimated that it will continue to increase further.


There have also been many changes in its price, earlier its price was very less than ₹ 1, but today the price of this Tron cryptocurrency is Rs 4.86, because of this cryptocurrency is safe and can give you benefits in future.

9. Lithium

The current price of Lithium coin is $0.008653 per LIT, but earlier its price was not as much as it is now, so looking at their prices, it is being speculated that their price will continue to increase despite being cheap now.

Do buy it for future use.

10. Aurora Chain

Blockchain technology has also been used in this cryptocurrency, that is, this cryptocurrency is completely secure, in which no information of any kind of user is shared with anyone.

Friends, its price is low now but there are very high chances of increasing them, so you can definitely buy it for the future.

KOFFI Amenan Rachel - Apr 17, 2022, 1:08 PM - Add Reply

Ok thank you for all these New cryptocurrencies .So what's about Cardano ? I learnt it could be more better this year!!!

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