10 facts why the tiger is not as noble predator as they say it

Many naturalists call the tiger a noble beast, but animals, in principle, have no such thing as nobility. A wild cat always attacks from the rear and does not warn its prey about its presence. From the outside it may seem that the tiger is behaving carelessly, but do not rush to conclusions.

10. Fear, fear, wolf's tail!

The tiger is a fan of making impressions. He loves to wander around the property and enjoy the widespread panic. The monkeys alone are worth something: primates begin to squeal so much at the sight of a striped predator that you reluctantly become drowsy from such a recognition of power. The tiger loves to walk along the beaten paths and paths - if he notices traces of any living creatures, he will imposingly check the entire route.

9. Sly, scoundrel, rascal

For each separate "lunch" - the tiger has its own method of hunting. It will hide somewhere, where it will dig a trench on its bellies. But physiology is not the most important thing in the body of big cats, the tiger has learned this. To lure the deer, our hero learned to imitate his voice. The horned ones make very peculiar sounds, and how does the feline manage to imitate them? But the essence is this! Depicting a branchy deer, the tiger beckons the whole herd straight to its paws.

8. The earth is round, we'll meet around the corner

Tigers are one of the most vengeful animals. They never forgive offenses. If the poacher had the imprudence to challenge the striped one, but did not finish what he had begun, then the tiger will rapidly turn into an enemy of the entire human race. If we imagine that the rest of the wounded animal will be disturbed by the local buffalo, then waking up from the wound, the tiger will follow its trail. No, he will not take revenge on all the horned ones. He’ll just hunt down the same bull who was so careless.

7. Summer sang red!

The tiger is not used to "working" and building a dwelling - his house is where he lies down to rest. But sometimes such winters come that the cat's fur coat is simply not enough. And then our hero begins to scour in search of someone else's home. Hunters, walking with a spear at a bear, often fall into a stupor when an impressive tiger comes out of a bear den. The striped ones often occupy abandoned dens.

6. Cholesterol plug

Of all the living creatures that run in the tiger area, the wild cat will give preference to the most impressive in size. With a special gastronomic addiction, the tiger respects fatty foods. The problem is different: tigers are real gluttons. If the number of ungulates is large, then our hero simply will not be able to stop. And the striped one does not relish food - he eats so quickly that he does not have time to recognize the feeling of fullness. As a result, the weight is off scale, and the sirloin part is brought in when cornering.

5. Hunting passion

Sometimes tigers hunt for fun, they like to win and hone their hunting skills. Researchers have repeatedly found clearings with ready-made warehouses of provisions. And it was the tiger who prepared them. Only all the same traces told that the predator, even for a split second, did not linger near the obtained food. If he hid even a part, then it would be possible to think that the cat cares about the hungry times. But no - he hunts for the sake of hunting.

4. You, smelly, no doubt

The tiger smells bad. And he knows about it. Before the hunt, the predator always lathers up in order to neutralize unnecessary odors, but this is not enough. The striped sense of smell is not as strong as that of many relatives. Nature, apparently, gave him a natural gas mask. For this reason, the tiger, like an intelligent predator, always walks against the wind. And near the tigress' brood den, the stench is so noble that it is almost impossible to find at least some animal in the area.

3. Oh, what a joy - I did something dirty to someone

The striped raids on farms with enviable regularity. Even if wild boars walk in crowds on its territory, it will still climb into the farmyard looking at night. There were times when a tiger jumped over a three-meter fence with provisions in its mouth. But it is surprisingly rare for striped predators to steal. Usually they creep in and simply dispose of a large part of the livestock. From a human point of view, there is little logic ...

2. All so sudden

The tiger can chase potential food at an impressive speed of about 60 km / h. But not for long! The adage that laziness is the engine of progress does not apply to it. When the cat realizes that he is tired, then halfway there he can forget about the chase and insolently lie down to rest. He will catch his breath and go in the opposite direction, pretending that “I didn't really want to”. Scientists justify: they say, the tiger does this out of fear that the prey will scare everyone around.

1. Caution to the point of cowardice

No matter how strange it may sound, the tiger is shy. He will never go out to meet an unfamiliar object. If a predator meets a biped for the first time, then he simply retreats without any shyness. Having experienced a stream of a fragrant animal, he will no longer approach it. The tiger prefers to bypass any threat. Yes, he will watch from an ambush for a long time, looking for weak spots, but with a saber bald on unknown animals, he will not rush.


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