10 inexpensive ideas for starting a business on the Internet

Compared to offline trade, starting a business on the Internet is easy and inexpensive. You don't have to rent an office, pay employees, and adjust to someone else's work schedule, and the prospects for development are no less tempting and promising.

If you are thinking about what niche is better to enter for beginners, and you want to increase your income through online sales - this article, which will help to understand it.

Start a store of goods with your prints

At the heart of the print-on-demand business model are your own prints on different products: tableware, clothing and so on. The easiest way to open an online t-shirt store with original prints.

Consider this option if:

- you are a musician, artist or just someone with a large audience and want to sell your merch;

- you love creating new designs or are willing to spend time searching for beautiful prints from other artists.

Sell training courses

Online learning has been growing in popularity as it is, and because of the pandemic, the number of people learning online has jumped even higher. That's why people now trust online courses and tutors more and are willing to study remotely.

If you're not a teacher, but you know a certain niche at an expert level, you can offer your services to those who would like to learn a new skill - give lessons in Zoom or create a course and sell it on your website.

Try your hand at being a copywriter

It only seems like everyone is pitching videos. Texts haven't gone anywhere and companies are constantly in need of specialists to write newsletters, write product descriptions on a website and come up with posts for social media.

Copywriting is a skill that, with the right approach, can be mastered relatively quickly. Plus, many courses are completely free.

Don't forget to create a portfolio site to showcase your expertise and take orders online. Be sure to add examples of your work and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Sell homemade food and beverages

Homemade items that are handmade and made with heart are always in demand, and their range is limited only by your interest and imagination.

You can sell healthy snacks, three-tiered wedding cakes, weekly meal rations, non-alcoholic party drinks made from your own recipe, sauces and marinades from grandma's recipes, or special sweets for allergies. Start by learning the rules about selling food online.

Open a selective vintage store

If you've always been interested in fashion but weren't sure you wanted to create your own branded items, this option is a great alternative to the usual fashion business ideas.

The popularity of eco-friendly fashion pairs well with the idea of an online store for select vintage clothing. And it also does not require a huge investment, as goods can be bought at thrift stores and flea markets.

Make goods for the home

Selling handmade goods is one of the easiest ways to start a small business. Things can be made by yourself from inexpensive materials using video lessons on YouTube.

For example, think about making and selling candles, business cards, pet toys, soaps, shoppers or other DIY items that are easy to make and start selling. Another option is to make home goods from other pre-made items. For example, gift baskets or pillowcases with your own print.

Sell simple digital goods

Digital goods are business-friendly: they don't need to be stored in a warehouse, packaged, or mailed.

The term "digital merchandise" itself can be unsettling, but you certainly don't have to create your own software to sell it. There are plenty of electronic goods that anyone can make: recipe books, checklists, guides, workbooks for distance learning, or even embroidery designs, etc.

Resell local brands' merchandise

Supporting local businesses has gone from a trend to a way of life over the past year. People are even changing their shopping habits if it can help small businesses in their area.

You can meet this demand by starting to sell local brands. For example, open a gift store with gift baskets, handmade perfumes, knitted plaids and other items from local artisans.

Organize delivery of farm products

This option is great if you have a car and farms near you that grow organic produce. You can partner with them to sell farm produce to local customers and support local businesses.

Get into dropshipping.

This is the direct delivery of goods from the supplier's warehouse to the buyer, where you don't have to worry about storing them. Here's how it works:

- Customers place orders in your online store.

- Your store sends the order information dropshipping to the supplier.

- The supplier prepares and ships your customers' orders.

To run a successful dropshipping project, it's important to:

- Identify a product that is in demand;

- to find on


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