10 Principles of a healthy lifestyle

1) Always get a good night's sleep.

A healthy and timely sleep is a great mood and an energizer for the day, and that's where a healthy lifestyle begins. Below I will list a few points for a good night's sleep:

The average adult should sleep about 7 hours a night;

The most favorable time to sleep is before midnight;

Always ventilate your house before going to sleep;

the place where you sleep should not be too hard, but also not too soft;

Do not eat before going to bed it is very bad for digestion, which will subsequently lead to obesity and a number of diseases;

It never hurts to have a warm relaxing bath before going to bed;

to avoid nightmares and unpleasant dreams do not watch before bedtime horror movies and dramas;

if you suffer from insomnia drink an infusion of mint or lemon balm.


2) exercise!

A healthy lifestyle is impossible without a morning workout or exercises that will prepare our body to work, relieve sleepiness and lethargy, lift your spirits. Exercises for morning exercise should be chosen with an emphasis on flexibility, mobility and proper breathing. Do the exercise smoothly, without rushing anywhere.


3) Meal regimen!


Remember the phrase, "You are what you eat. Take an interest in the principles of good nutrition, consult with experts. Pay attention to the Food Pyramid, developed by nutritionists. Its scheme is very simple - all that at the base, eat as often as possible, and what converges to the top - less often or carefully. With food we get strength, energy, vitamins to sustain life. But its excess is also fraught with bad consequences.

If you have decided to lead a healthy lifestyle, you must follow a dietary regimen. A balanced diet:

The number of meals during the day should not exceed 3-4 times, with intervals of about 4 hours;

eat every day at the same time and do not forget about the last meal in 2 hours before going to bed;

Allow about 30 minutes for each meal;

an eastern proverb says: Eat your breakfast, share your lunch with a friend, give your dinner to your enemy;

The caloric content of food from morning to evening should be reduced.


4) Get rid of excess weight.


Excess weight and a healthy lifestyle are incompatible. Being overweight will lead you to severe heart, lung, gastrointestinal diseases and ruin your spine. Excess weight gets not only under the skin, but also on the internal organs. Do not be amateur and do not sit for a week on different diets, it is much more effective and safer for your health to go to a nutritionist who will make you a proper diet.


5) Give up bad habits.


It is always very difficult to give up bad habits, but unfortunately a healthy life and bad habits are simply not compatible.

Think that a bad habit is not only an addiction, but also a poison, which takes over you. First of all, it is smoking: you poison not only yourself, but also people, children living next to you or ordinary people you meet on the street. According to statistics, smoking kills about 5 million people every year! These are crazy numbers. Smoking, alcohol and drugs constantly lead people to death, creating the illusion of happiness. This is a very big problem in our time, so it is very important to get away from this virus of the 21st century and set a good example for the younger generation!


6) Personal Hygiene!

It is necessary to follow the rules of personal hygiene, because they are interconnected with health. The implementation of basic rules of hygiene will save you from a number of different diseases and stares of society.


7) Create a daily routine.


A daily routine is a plan of action, a necessary planning of life to optimize your own time. Following the daily routine is much easier than you think need only a little time to develop the habit.


8) Sport is the key to health and beauty.


Movement is life and health. You need to find a sport that you like so that you can have fun with it. Start small, such as jogging in the morning, Swedish walking, walk a few stops instead of the hustle and bustle of public transport.


9) Get hard if you want to be healthy!


If you continually harden your body, you will become healthier and younger.

Below you will find the main rules of hardening:

You must temper all the time;

The time of procedure should increase smoothly;

Use contrast procedures;

10) Manage your emotions and fight with stress.


It is necessary to take life into their own hands, rather than succumb to circumstances and go with the flow. Understand that what happens to you is a result of your thoughts and actions. You should not get upset because of bad weather, bad financial situation, betrayal of a friend or dismissal from work - look at things from another side, draw conclusions and move on to new victories.


Try to take problems and failures calmly. Negative emotions not only impair self-confidence, but also lead to illness and constant stress. Exercise, sports or new hobbies will help to cope with stress.


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