10 Professional Life Hacks That Will Help You Succeed


What’s the secret to professional success? A lot of people like to say hard work, but there’s more to it than that. If you’re looking to get ahead at work, being prepared to face challenges and opportunities will help you jump over any hurdles in your way and take full advantage of any windfalls that come your way. Take these 10 professional life hacks, from getting organized and eliminating distractions all the way to planning ahead and getting ahead of the competition.


1) Make a Good First Impression

The first impression you make on a new employer is important, but it's also one of the most difficult impressions to control. Even if you're determined to put your best foot forward and dress for success, there are still many factors that could negatively affect how you're viewed.

1) Don't wear too much perfume or cologne. Strong scents can be overpowering, especially if the person interviewing you has allergies.

 2) Wear clothing appropriate for the office environment. In other words, don't wear miniskirts or tank tops if you're interviewing for a conservative work environment like a bank or law firm.


2) Get Organized

The most important life hack of all is to get organized! There are many ways to do this. One way is to make an excel spreadsheet with columns for the day, date, tasks, and deadlines. Another way is to buy a planner or calendar that will help you stay on top of your schedule. Finally, there are plenty of apps that can help you keep track of your personal and professional life such as iPhone alarms. These allow you to customize alerts so you know when something needs your attention.


3) Set Priorities

A lot of people are not able to prioritize what they should be doing in their professional life. Here are 10 professional life hacks that will help you succeed:

1) Create a plan and set achievable goals.

2) Embrace the good days and learn from the bad ones.

 3) Be proactive, not reactive.

4) Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

5) Keep your social media relevant so people can see you're well-rounded.

6) Write down an idea every day that strikes you so you don't forget about it later on.

7) Recognize when something is not for you and move on without regrets.

8) Ask yourself what you really want to do in your professional life and pursue those things.

 9) Balance work with play and make sure both are just as important.

10) Take care of yourself by getting enough sleep, exercise, food, sunlight, and fresh air.


4) Delegate

As a professional, you're always looking for ways to make your workday more efficient and effective. We've compiled some life hacks that can help streamline your day-to-day tasks and maximize the benefits of this limited resource called time.

1. Get organized. It's difficult to get anything done when you're surrounded by piles of papers, unfinished tasks, and unorganized inboxes. Clear space on your desk, fridge, or nightstand with just one swipe, or schedule time in your calendar to declutter once a week or month - whatever works best for you! 2. Recharge. The average American only gets 6 hours of sleep per night which is not nearly enough if you want to function at full capacity. Take power naps during your lunch break, enjoy the outdoors during lunchtime, or go home early to have a nap and come back refreshed.

3. Stop multitasking. Studies show that multitasking decreases efficiency and productivity because it divides your attention across many tasks instead of focusing on one task at a time (and doing it well).

4. Plan ahead for tomorrow's success today! Spend 15 minutes before bed tonight writing down what you need to do tomorrow morning so you wake up ready to tackle your list without having an unexpected headache from forgetting something important like picking up milk from the store on the way home from work. 5. Bring snacks. Keep healthy snacks at work or in your bag so you don't overeat when you're hungry between meals. There are lots of delicious options out there: nuts, granola bars, fruit cups, etc. Stay hydrated too: water bottles are everywhere these days and they're cheap to fill up!

6. Consider mental breaks throughout the day. Your brain needs time off too!


5) Take Breaks

1) Breaks are crucial to productivity and mental health. As a general rule of thumb, it's best to take a 10-minute break for every 50 minutes of work. A study from the University of California found that people who took time off for breaks were more satisfied with their jobs than those who didn't. Not only does this lead to more productivity, but more happiness as well.

2) The Pomodoro Technique has been proven effective for many people in reducing stress and boosting productivity.


6) Manage Your Time

1. Plan your day the night before

2. Create a daily to-do list

3. Start your day with coffee or tea and a healthy breakfast

4. Set goals for your day and review them at the end of the day

5. Stick to a strict sleep schedule


7) Stay Focused

One of the biggest challenges with being a professional is staying focused on your goals. Achieving success and reaching your goals, especially as an entrepreneur, requires focus and commitment to the big picture. It's easy to get caught up in what goes on the day-to-day, but life hacks can help you stay focused on your professional life.


8) Stay Positive

It's easy to get down on yourself and feel like the whole world is against you. But if you can find a way to stay positive and motivated, life will become that much easier for you.  If you're feeling overwhelmed with your work or just want to try something new, take some time out of your day and do something fun! Whether it's going to see a movie or reading a book in the park - taking some time out of your day to be mindful of what makes you happy will make all the difference in your professional life!


9) Persevere

It is easy to get bogged down in the minutiae of your work, but it is important not to lose sight of what is really important. The most valuable tool you have in your professional life is your will. Your ability to persevere and keep doing what needs to be done can make all the difference. With a little grit and determination, you will find yourself achieving a level of success that you never thought possible.


10) Never Give Up

In order to succeed in your professional life, it's important to always be on the lookout for new opportunities. Instead of letting a setback deter you from your goal, learn from it and move forward. Remember that there will be many trials and tribulations before you reach the finish line. And never give up!



In conclusion, many factors go into being a successful professional. It is important to be efficient and organized to maximize your time for important tasks. Hopefully, these 10 hacks will help you get closer to the workplace of your dreams!


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