10 Reasons a Writer's Job is Difficult

1. Reading Addiction: first if all, if you are a writer or you have a writing job, you must be addicted to reading books and i am not just talking about stories books, these books can include chemistry textbooks, literatures, agricultural books, geographical maps and so on. There can be writer's block (exceptional) but there is nothing as a READER'S BLOCK. 

2. Know-It-All Spirit : I know it is only God that knows it but God shares a little of this grace with writers. If you are writer you must have a knowledge of everything, i mean everything. No one wants an half baked cake for their wedding. A writer must take his/her readers through the steps, from stage one to the last. 

Quick fact: God is a Writer.

3. Terminological guru: If you are aiming for a Writer's Job must be conversant with every professional terminology. If you are writing a law job, you must use law terminologies, if it is medical you must use medical terminologies. This is why as a writer you should be addicted to reading vastly.

4. Emotional manipulation: As a writer, you must learn the art of emotional manipulation, what you write must get to the reader's heart. That mood must not be far fetched, they should feel your words and this leads us to the next point "Use of language."

5. Use of language vocabulary: If your have made a decision to take up a writer's job you must have vocabularies at your beck and call because a flow of thought will always come and you should have the write vocabularies to articulate them for better communication.

6. Uninvited guest: As a writer you must be ready for your uninvited guest. Those little inspirations that comes to you when you are trekking, they ambush you when you are about to sleep, if you are taking a Writer's job you must be prepared for it. If you have been ignoring your thoughts before starts carrying pen and paper like a mad woman. 

7. Studying: Studying is not reading. The difference between them is so glaring. As a writer you must have a studying state of heart, now this is not just about studying books but about studying your environment, the birds, how they sing, the dear how they pants. Did you know that through out Williams Shakespeare's life women were never involved not until the 1663, long after his death in the 17th century that women began to act on the stage. Williams Shakespeare's studied women so well that he dramatized them and taught men to act like them. Juliet was acted by a man and every of Williams Shakespeare's plays that was ever written. STUDY.

8. Under study your audience: A writer must (without exceptions) know her/his audience. If you are given a writing job always make sure you as for the audience (the reader). Are you writing to a Diplomat or you are writing to O'level holders?

9. Results/Proofs: For the last but one, If you are hoping for a Writer's job you must have converting results. You must show the world that you are good at what you do and not just good, people around come to you for help when it comes writing.

10. Teaching: Every writer is a teacher. If you really want to write you must take up the teaching mantle. So you think you can bring people to the understanding of what you do and how to do them forget it. 

Here are a few reasons a writer's job is difficult and needs more accolades and financial concentration.


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