10 spices and herbs that have an important therapeutic role

Delicious food is not devoid of spices, and the importance of spices is not only limited to adding a delicious flavor to food, but also has a role in treating many diseases and prevention as well. The "Medical Advice" website reviewed the top 10 herbs and spices used in herbal


For thousands of years, the ancients used spices and herbs for various purposes, such as cooking, treatment, and others, but they were and still are used as a treatment for many diseases. Modern scientific studies have also reached positive results about the benefits of herbs, as the dried medicinal plant is an essential part of herbal medicine, in addition to the use of many spices in the treatment of many diseases or even to prevent infection. Studies confirm that the importance of herbs is not limited to a specific part of the plants. Each part of the plant has its benefits. The German "Medical Advice" website reviewed 10 benefits of natural herbs.


1. Anise to treat abdominal pain

In addition to its delicious flavor, anise has an important role in treating abdominal pain, as it helps to get rid of gas and colic in children.


2. Clove for toothache

Clove helps eliminate germs, so herbalists recommend chewing cloves to treat toothache.


3. Rosemary for circulatory problems

Rosemary is anti-inflammatory, which means that it can be used to treat many diseases. For those who have problems with blood circulation, herbalists are advised to take a bath with rosemary leaves.


4. Thyme to treat cough and bad breath

Thyme has many benefits, as it is used to treat coughs and bronchitis, in addition to its role in treating headaches.

5. Juniper diuretic

The Juniper plant has a diuretic effect and enhances blood flow to the kidneys. The use of juniper in fatty meals has an effective effect that helps to better digest foods.


6. Sage for sore throat

Herbalists recommend gargling with sage to treat sore throats, coughs, and gum problems.


7. Gentian or ko chad for digestion problems

The gentian plant is a stimulant drug that helps digestion and stimulates the stomach and intestines to secrete juices needed to digest food.

8. Hot pepper is a pain reliever

Hot pepper is useful for blood circulation and opens the appetite and helps relieve pain as well.


9. Garlic: a magical effect despite its smell

Garlic has magical benefits, as it is used to treat blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, in addition to its role in treating the problem of hair loss.


10. The disc: its benefits outweigh its reputation

Many avoid nettle because it stings, but it is useful for getting rid of pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism, in addition to its role in treating prostate enlargement and cystitis.


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