10 things a man should have in his kitchen

Kitchen Burner


Flambéing and filling are not the most frequent procedures we perform in our culinary lives. But there is a fire-breathing appliance for them, so funny and sinister that we want to turn it on even without an occasion. In fact, there is always a reason: any man's food looks tastier if it is charred in the right place in style. Some connoisseurs, by the way, for this purpose buy burners at construction markets: the result is the same, but more practical and easy to provide fuel.


Meat Stone


This is not just the most spectacular method of cooking meat and serving steaks on the table. Not only does a red-hot stone keep the meat from getting cold, but it also takes a while to get to its final finish. And on Halloween, the stone comes in handy for ritual sacrifices.


Shredder of all things.


Learn to think of the electric vegetable shredder as the ultimate recycler. Here you are in the morning, sleepy, shaking hands open the fridge without opening your eyes, rake up all the pathetic leftover vegetables, fruits and sausages, shove them into the shredder and at the output you have a great morning salad! And every morning is different, depending on what's been living there in the fridge.


Fajita pan.


It's just always nice to know that you have something cast-iron and crinkling in your kitchen. And whether you make fajitas in it or chebureks is a matter of ten. The main thing is not to forget to pour tequila and set fire to it.


Fire extinguisher


First of all, it's fashionable. Secondly, it eliminates the consequences of dangerous culinary experiments. Thirdly, you will have time to save a bottle of tequila before it burns to the bottom.




Light candles at a romantic dinner are +3 to charisma, +2 to luck, +1 to perception, +4 to magic. Gather a strategic supply of candles of all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes, and even smells, then the loot will swim to you for dinner.


Scented sticks


Many ladies hate sandalwood and other incense sticks, but "many" does not mean "all of them. If used wisely, these wands can give you the same benefits as candles. Plus, it's an effective method of masking the smell of culinary disasters and allows you to smoke stealthily without creating suspicion.


Strategic Stockpile of Disposable Utensils


You'll still have time to thank us when you wake up after an exuberant house party and suddenly realize that all you have to do is rake everything into a bag and throw it away. Instead of panting for two hours at the sink, scraping the hateful ketchup off the glasses.


Tablet stand


The simplest tablet stand increases the comfort of kitchen life many times over. Now you can read the news, look for recipes, watch TV series and write in endless chat without breaking your eyes and hands. In addition, the tablet will no longer stick to the tablecloth, on which some freak has knocked over a beer.


Meat thermometer.


You can't become a great steak master until you get used to taking the temperature of meat. A frying thermometer is one of those things whose greatness you can't realize until you first touch it.


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