10 tips for achieving your goal

1. Learn to think in writing. If your goal isn't on paper, it isn't there at all.


2. The goal must be definite. It must answer the questions - when? where? and what? 


3. The goal must necessarily be limited in time. If it is not limited in time, then it is not a goal, but a dream. 


4. Think about who else will benefit from your goal.


5. Formulate the goal in the present tense in the affirmative. 


6. Divide the goal into subgoals-this will be your script for achieving it. 


7. Take full responsibility for all your actions toward the goal.


8. Think through the intermediate results. 


9. In your head, create an image of the future in which you have achieved this goal and fix it. 


10. Behave in everything as if you are guaranteed success.


Good luck in all your endeavors!


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