10 Tips For Being A Better Seller

When you get to this point, you get the basics of eBay. There are a few things left, however, that you might not consider trying. Few of these tips contradict the many tips offered by eBay sales - some are less dangerous and some are just weird. All are worth a try, however, and I'm sure you'll find at least some you want to keep using.


1. Keep some records. It may sound like a waste of time, but you will probably find it easier over time - the little time you spend trying to figure out what it is that you have set for yourself this morning.


2. Post free. Don't even expect the payment to be canceled! That may sound risky, but it does mean that consumers get their stuff done faster - with fewer things, you may find it worth losing from time to time to provide such a quick service.


3. Post daily. Once you start delivering high volume items, go ship them daily - and, they will get there very quickly, making your customers very happy. A good way to do this is if you have enough items that you can put in the mailbox.


4. Encourage the idea of ​​auction. Don’t buy the Buy It Now price, and make it clear if it is the last or only stock you will be entering. Always refer to the winning customers as 'winners'.


5. Name all the disabilities your item has. Now why would you do that, you might ask? The answer is that it builds credibility: the small beating you take from minor mistakes is nothing compared to the great growth of trust you get from admitting it. People pay more when they trust the seller.


6. Say how you got the item. Don’t be afraid to go tangent and give all sorts of fun details on how to catch what you’re selling - it gives your character auction and, again, builds trust.


7. Accept strange payment methods. Sooner or later you will find a buyer who wants to pay by sending money in an envelope, or something unusual in the same way. Why not let them? Be flexible.


8. Don’t be afraid to sell cheaply. Let something occasionally go to a very low price for a good buyer. You may just break the thing, but the person who found the conversation will come back again and again.


9. Offer free shipping with a specific number of orders, or orders for a specific amount. People may buy something they don't really want, just to get free shipping. (Amazon uses this strategy with great success).


10. Ship worldwide. Take the time to research prices, and have fun with overseas customers - think about how much you are expanding your market. That is not to say that it is the result of people who are very confused about the strange things in their country.


One way to make it easier to become a better seller is to use some of the third-party eBay tools available. The following email will consider a selection of tools that you may find useful.


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