10 tips on how to feel comfortable during the flight

10 tips on how to feel comfortable during the flight


Everyone likes to travel but only a few of us fly with pleasure. We have collected some useful tips that will increase your comfort level and reduce your anxiety during air travel. 


1. Fly safely     

The plane is still the safest mode of transport. Let's put aside fears for a while and turn to statistics. It tells that flying is safer than, for example, driving a car. It is better to treat aerophobia rather than to be anxious.

2. Dress comfortably  

Heels and tight jeans go to your luggage. Clothes and shoes should be comfortable. By the way, it will help you get off the plane faster in case of some emergency. 

3. Stand out     

It's at home where your suitcase is quite an individuality. On the luggage carousel it blends in with the mass of others. If you can't buy a bright one no one prevents you from marking your gray, brown or black luggage with some vivid and memorable sticker. 

4. Take a photo     

Also, take a picture of your luggage. If it's lost it will be easier for you to show it on your smartphone rather than describe it. You can also take a picture of the weight board for you should include the weight of the luggage when filling in a lost-and-found statement. 

5. No alcohol     

Alcohol, of course, can help relieve tension. But it also adds to oxygen starvation of tissues and increases the risk of a heart attack. In addition, alcohol combined with flight will provoke a headache - both cause dehydration. 

6. More comfort     

Instead of bulky and unnecessary stuff like books and laptops take things that increase your comfort level during the flight. First of all, these are earplugs or noise-canceling headphones as well as an ergonomic pillow for your neck. 

7. Avoid blockages     

In order to avoid ear congestion make swallowing motions or suck on candy. Especially when taking off and landing. 

8. Stretch out     

Spending a couple of hours in the same position means that you'll land tired, beaten and swollen. Learn some gymnastic complex for air travel. It usually includes wriggling your feet, raising your legs, body tilts, neck circles and, of course, walking around. 

9. Taking and asking for     

Some things are handed out on board without asking, and some things you can ask for. For example, to pour water into your bottle or to watch your baby while you go to WC. Also, there is a primitive first aid kit on board and you will definitely find painkillers in it.  

10. Take your own snack     

If you didn't know, you can take food on board. And not only the ones you bought in duty-free shops. You can easily make a mountain of sandwiches at home and take them with you except some liquid foods (compote or soup) since their volume is limited to 100 ml.


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