10 tips to accept yourself as you are

Too big, too thin, too small ... Between big complexes and small imperfections, it is difficult to accept your body. 

To help you, we give you 10 tips to finally accept yourself as you are.


"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder," said Oscar Wilde. 

However, every morning, it's the same refrain: your dark circles, your puffy face, your small imperfections or your pants that have trouble closing ... But contrary to what you think, this is not inevitable. 

Know that the way you observe yourself is just about you.


The word perfection, you will forget


Needless to say, no one is physically perfect (or almost). 

And that the small imperfections sometimes make all the charm of a person. 

Instead, focus on what people are giving off, rather than chasing the most accomplished face. 

Besides, what is a perfect physique? 

The one conveyed by the greatest number? 

The ultra thin models parading on the catwalks? 

Certainly not.


Unearth what makes you who you are, what makes you unique. 

Play the difference card rather than strive for perfection at all costs. 

You will see, this will strengthen your self-esteem, and allow you to accept your looks.


Your physical qualities, you will flush out


Get a piece of paper and a pencil, then list everything you like about yourself. 

Only one rule: you cannot make a white copy. 

If you can't, think about the compliments you've been given in the past on your looks. 

A little upturned nose? 

A dimple that makes you crunchy? 

A bright smile? 

To your pencils.


Come back to it once you've started the path to accepting your body, and magically the list will go on. 

There will be more qualities than you thought.


Look at yourself in the mirror, you will learn



To avoid the litanies of how ugly you are and not enough to your liking, put yourself in front of the mirror, then try to accept yourself, taking the necessary time. 

Tell yourself that these curves are not so round in reality, that these stretch marks are not so unsightly and that this smile is a real asset. 

Relativize when to the small faults with which nature has endowed you.


If your gaze doesn't suit you, borrow that of others. 

Ask people around you to list what they like about you. 

You will see, the result will be better than expected


"I love Me!", You will chant


"I love Me" must become your favorite phrase. 

To do this, maintain your self-confidence by thinking about what you're most good at. 

And accept the things that you cannot change about your physique: crooked teeth, a bump on your nose, wide hips ... Tell yourself that they are linked to your genetic inheritance and that it would be difficult to modify them without 

plastic surgery. 

Besides, someone who is self-confident is sexy and it makes you forget your little physical flaws very (very) quickly.


The origin of this idea, you will seek


The arrival of age, the admiration of our parents or the derogatory remarks from our dating have helped to fix some of our physical complexes in the long term. 

Yet the image we have of ourselves often has nothing to do with reality. 

It’s about a lack of self-confidence. 

Because having recourse to cosmetic surgery hides a sometimes deeper problem: a problem of renunciation.



Then ask yourself the real questions: why don't you like that nose? 

Because it reminds you of someone in your family that you dislike?


Physical activities, you will practice


Whether athletic or otherwise, it is essential to engage in physical activities to enhance self-image and accept your body. 

The theater or even the music will allow you to make your body, your voice speak and to accept them. 

The theater will allow you to work on the "body language" as well as your emotions. 

During a performance, for example, a musical activity will allow you to confront the eyes of the other and to perceive yourself through them. 

What could be more effective to feel better in your sneakers?


Balanced meals, you will do


A balanced diet allows you to feel lighter and above all to make you happy. 

Without falling into the cycle of extra pounds, a healthy diet will promote energy gain and finally accept your body.


The compliments, you will spread


Show your generosity and pay compliments to the people around you: the person in front will receive your gratitude and you, the satisfaction of making people happy. 

And above all, be positive: don't hesitate to put up post-it notes of positive quotes in your apartment and surround yourself with positive people. 

Let go of negative thoughts that are self-destructive.


Self-confidence, you will adopt


Take care of yourself by giving yourself time, whether it is for playing sports, going to the manicurist or for a good massage. 

And put aside shapeless jogging bottoms which do not show off your figure at all, and which on the contrary show that you do not take responsibility for yourself. 

Buy clothes that shape your figure and enhance your strengths. 

Because don't doubt it for a second: you have it.


Style wise, make a change. 

If you've never tried the leather jacket, why not shop for one? 

Allergic to shoes with heels? 

Perch yourself on pumps and learn to walk with them: it's impossible not to feel sexy.



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