10 ways to get rid of cellulite at home

10 ways to get rid of cellulite at home


Once upon a time, today's problem for all women was a testament to femininity. Cellulite and lush forms were extolled, and paintings of the Baroque era prove it - the triumph of the body! The plump women with "orange peels" felt beautiful until the 20th century when the Art Nouveau style put forward a new standard of beauty - fragility and angularity. Fortunately, in the 21st century, women were allowed to be more rounded, but it was strictly forbidden to have cellulite. Let's talk about what you can do about "orange peel" without being able to go to a salon for treatments. 


1. Sea salt   

Have you noticed that cellulite becomes less after a vacation at sea? Not for a long time, but nevertheless. The reason is the salt sea water. And who prevents you from splashing in salt water at home? Sea salt is on sale everywhere and any time. Just add water.


2. Salt peeling   

By the way, do not put the salt away. Once you're steamed up, go ahead and peel. Pour a handful of salt into your palm and massage it onto problem areas. 


3. Scrub with coffee   

Instead of using salt, you can scrub with coffee. That's right, the coffee grounds that remain after brewing. It's a wonderful scrub, and it's not a waste.


4. Contrast shower   

After your bath and peeling, take a contrast shower. Pour hot water, then cold, and so on three times, sharply changing the degree. Contrast showers speed up metabolism, and fast metabolism improves the condition of fatty tissues. 


5. Clay mask   

Clay extracts toxins, improves fluid circulation and, most importantly, works directionally - it is active where you apply it. It is easy to use the clay: dilute the powder with warm water, spread on the problem areas, wrap yourself in clingfilm and put under a blanket. Wash it off after 30 minutes. 


6. Vacuum cups  

Vacuum cups work wonders. Honestly, it works no worse than salon vacuum, and costs pennies thereto. However, you need to be careful with brittle and fragile vessels not to overdo with any massage, especially vacuum one. 


7. Walking...on the buttocks   

Neumyvakin butt-walking method is a unique exercise. It cures pelvic congestion, constipation, hemorrhoids, prostatitis, as well as cellulite and "halter tops". Just sit on the floor and go shuffling your hips. 


8. Slaps or slippers   

Sounds ridiculous, but it works. The whips help with cellulite. A percussive massage and absolutely free. You can use a belt or rubber slippers instead of whips. The main thing is to make your butt red. 


9. The old Russian method 

In Russia they used to call cellulite a "fierce ass" and fought it with nettles. The recipe verbatim from old Russian sounds like this: "Collect fresh nettles that flow in the dew of God's tears, and whip a whisk of nettles over your bum". It makes sense because the irritating effect of nettles increases blood circulation. Cellulite will burn in blue flames.  


10. Skipping rope   

An ordinary skipping rope can replace the gym and, in general, all other remedies for cellulite. Jumping increases lymph flow - congestion is resolved and fat is burned. Jump and in the end you will get tight and smooth buttocks.


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