10 ways to quit smoking


Is it possible to quit smoking forever? The main thing is a strong desire to become a non-smoker and a positive attitude towards the result. Specialists call effective ways that give you the opportunity not to smoke for six months.


Doctor's help


The psychotherapist will help to develop an optimal regime for the period of refusal from cigarettes and, if necessary, prescribe drugs that help to cope with stress. All evidence-based and suitable for those who prefer official medicine.


Patches and nicotine gum


A way to quit smoking without a nicotine hangover, the patch or chewing gum supplies a minimal amount of nicotine to your body while you wean yourself off cigarettes. The method is suitable for those who cannot endure the time it takes to remove nicotine from the body. The disadvantages include the fact that then you will gradually have to wean yourself off substitutes. If you are a long-term smoker and your nicotine addiction is weak, but you don't want to go to a doctor - you can try any of the other methods.


Hypnosis or coding


The psychotherapist makes the patient believe that he no longer wants to smoke - in a state of hypnotic trance or without it. The main thing is that the person still wants to quit smoking and did not smoke for this reason, not because of fear of "breaking the coding". If a breakdown occurs after some time, it is better to visit the doctor again and either reinforce or remove the attitudes received.




Working with certain points on the body has been treating diseases for thousands of years. Harmful disease habits are no exception. The doctor pokes special needles into the right points on the ears and the craving for smoking disappears. Usually one to six sessions are required. The method is not suitable for those who faint at the thought of injections. It also cannot be called officially approved.


Stressful Work


Psychologists have recently found that a stressful and stressful job can significantly reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke. Or even quit altogether - because there is absolutely no time for a smoke break with a busy schedule. The effect will be stronger if you choose a company in which smoking is prohibited at all.




For those who are attracted to an active lifestyle, it works well to replace smoking with some interesting sport or fitness activity. Moderate and regular physical activity produces a biochemically determined sense of pleasure. In such a state, it is much easier and more pleasant to overcome your habits. In addition, sports are good for your appearance.




You can go for a month rafting on mountain rivers, wandering through the jungle or conquering some impregnable peak. But you have to choose a completely non-smoking group for this activity - they do occur. If you don't have anyone to "smoke" with, the rigors of travel and physical exertion will soon enough make you forget about tobacco.


Books about "The Easy Way to Quit Smoking"


Today, quitting "by the book" is very fashionable, alone and in virtual support groups. Books can be bought or borrowed from smokers who have already quit. Just do not listen to those who say that the book did not help them - you have a goal to quit, not to collect statistics.


Solitary Flight


You can throw away your last pack of cigarettes and go off into the wilderness. Downsizing is slowly coming into vogue. And, if the village you choose to live in has a tent with tobacco products, then your choice is the lonely weather stations in the taiga or the far cordon of the forestry. If it's 50 kilometers away from the nearest store in the woods, you won't be able to run out for a smoke once in a while.


Otherworldly Interference


 "As if a granny whispered" - a completely harmless unofficial method with a 50 percent chance of success. That is, either it helps or it doesn't. It doesn't matter if the method is based on herbs, whispering over water, or prayer. If you believe in these things, they work.


Mark Twain wrote, "Quitting is very easy - I've tried it many times." Many people snap, because nicotine addiction is comparable in strength to drug addiction. Analyze the reason for the breakdown: went to a place where they smoke, drank in the company, overexcited? Make conclusions and learn from your mistakes.


Smoking is one of the most unhealthy habits.


According to the World Health Organization, tobacco smoking is the leading cause of ill health and premature death. Smoking is one of the most significant risk factors for diseases such as cardiovascular, respiratory, and some forms of cancer. Up to 90 percent of all lung cancers, 75 percent of chronic bronchitis and emphysema, and 25 percent of coronary heart disease are related to smoking. According to scientists, by getting rid of nicotine addiction, the average life expectancy of earthlings would increase by 4 years.


Every year more than 10 thousand people die because of smoking in the region. That is more than 26 people every day. Loss of life expectancy caused by smoking is 6 years for men and 5-7 years for women.


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