10 ways to reuse your old android device

Are you struggling to find a use for your old Android smartphone or tablet? Don't let it gather dust in a drawer - there are plenty of ways to repurpose it and give it a new lease on life! In this article, we'll explore some creative and practical ideas for how to make the most of your old device, from using it as a remote control to turning it into a portable gaming system. Let's get started!

10. Use it as a universal remote.
Imagine having one remote for all of your devices, sounds too good to be true? probably not, but as long as it has an IR blaster you can download an app called Mi Remote, set it up, and repurpose your unused smartphone or tablet. With the app, you can control your TV, Air conditioner, and other devices that have an IR sensor.
9. Use it as a portable Steam Link.
If you're a PC gamer and you want to repurpose your old device into a portable gaming device, Steam Link can be an excellent option. The Steam Link app is available for free on the Google Play Store, and it allows you to connect your PC to your old Android smartphone or tablet.
By connecting your old device to your PC, you can play your favorite games on the go without being tied to your gaming desk. All you need is a strong internet connection and a Bluetooth controller, and you're good to go. This can be especially useful if you want to play games while lying on your bed or sitting in a park.
To use Steam Link, you'll need to have a PC running Steam. Once you've installed the Steam Link app on your old device, you'll need to connect it to your PC using the same Wi-Fi network. Then, you'll need to pair a Bluetooth controller with your old device and start playing.
One of the great things about Steam Link is that it supports a wide range of controllers, including Xbox, PlayStation, and other Bluetooth controllers. This means that you can use the controller you're most comfortable with, which can make a big difference in your overall gaming experience.
However, it's worth noting that there are some limitations to using Steam Link on your old device. For example, you'll need a strong internet connection to avoid lag and other performance issues. Additionally, some games may not be compatible with the app, so you may need to experiment with different titles to find the ones that work best.
Overall, Steam Link can be an excellent way to repurpose your old Android smartphone or tablet into a portable gaming device. By downloading the app and connecting your device to your PC, you can play your favorite games wherever you go and enjoy a more flexible gaming experience.
8. Remotely use any other device.
8. Remotely use any other device.
While Steam Link allows you to remotely use your PC, AnyDesk takes it a step further by letting you remotely use any other supported device. Whether you need to access your work computer from home or your home computer from work, AnyDesk makes it easy to remotely control any device with just a few clicks.
All you need to do is download AnyDesk on your old smartphone or tablet and the device you want to remotely access. Once installed, the app will generate a unique code that you can use to connect the two devices securely. You can then control the remote device from your old phone or tablet just as if you were sitting in front of it.
One of the great things about AnyDesk is that it offers fast and reliable performance, even over low-bandwidth connections. This means you can use your old device to remotely access your computer or other devices with ease, without experiencing frustrating lag or other issues.
In addition to its remote access capabilities, AnyDesk also offers other useful features, such as file sharing and chat functionality. This makes it a versatile tool for working or collaborating with others from a distance.
Overall, AnyDesk is a powerful tool for repurposing your old Android smartphone or tablet. Whether you need to access your work computer from home or just want to control another device from a distance, AnyDesk makes it easy and convenient to do so.
7. Use it as a second monitor.
Using your old phone or tablet to remotely use your PC is interesting, but with Spacedesk, you can use your old smartphone or tablet as a secondary monitor or remotely use it from another room. Just install the app on your phone and PC, and the app will automatically detect your PC. This can be useful when you need to multitask and want to have two screens to work with.
6. Use it as an MP3 or MP4 player.
Who said that you need to download one of the previously mentioned apps to reuse your old smartphone or tablet? Sometimes simply downloading your favorite music or movie / TV show you are interested in and connecting a pair of headphones can do the trick. This is especially useful when you want to have a separate device for music and don't want to drain your current phone's battery.
5. Use it as a radio.
If you are unsure of what music to download, you can always let others choose for you. Just put your phone to charge, connect some wired headphones, or listen to the radio online. This is helpful when you want to discover new music or podcasts and don't have a dedicated radio device.
4. Use it as an alarm clock.
Set an alarm for when you want to wake up and install the app called FlipClock. This app has a simple interface and allows you to customize the alarm sound and snooze time. This is helpful when you want to have a separate device for alarms and don't want to rely on your current phone.
3. Use it to store data.
Perform a factory reset, set it up, and use a USB cable to transfer data. While it may not be as fast as a Solid State Drive, it is a great way of saving some money. Also, if it has a micro SD card slot, you can use it as a micro SD card reader. This is helpful when you need to transfer data from one device to another and don't have a dedicated card reader.
2. Use it as a power bank.
It might not be the best fit, but if you are thinking about buying a power bank, but know you won't use it a lot, you can just buy the cables you need and singlehandedly save some money and save the environment. This is helpful when you don't have access to a power outlet and need to charge your current phone.
1. Use your old phone or tablet to emulate retro consoles.
Yes, I know it sounds silly and probably is, but if you are new to emulation, using the device you probably don't need might be the safest option. To emulate retro games, you need a few things. The first thing is an emulator. You can download an app called Lemuroid or download each emulator individually. It is up to you, but I recommend using Lemuroid because it is an all-in-one emulator and comes with most of the BIOS files you need. If you are getting poor performance out of Lemuroid, feel free to try out the emulator made specifically for the console that you are trying to emulate. If performance is still poor, try your new smartphone. If you decide to download each emulator individually, you will most likely need to provide the BIOS files. You can get them by jailbreaking your console or by downloading them from the internet. Now you need game ROMs, and there are two ways to get them. The first one is to copy game files from the game disc or cartridge, and the second one is to download them from the internet. If you decide to download BIOS or game files from the internet, you need to own the console or game for it to be legal. For your gaming experience to be the best, you need to connect a gaming controller. As long as the controller you want to use supports Android phones, it will work. If you are not sure about whether you should use your old smartphone/tablet or your new smartphone, and both of them have a micro SD card slot, just copy the game files to a micro SD card and change phones as needed. Now you might be asking, why would I emulate retro games in the first place? It is a great question, and the answer is that you don't have to worry about certain consoles breaking, or you might want to play PS2 games on the go.
We hope these top 10 ways to reuse your old Android smartphone or tablet have inspired you to give your old device a new purpose. Not only does repurposing your old device help reduce electronic waste, but it also saves you money and provides you with some useful tools and entertainment options. With the right apps and accessories, you can transform your old device into a universal remote, portable gaming device, second monitor, MP3 player, alarm clock, and more.
By repurposing your old device, you can also contribute to a more sustainable future. Electronic waste is a growing problem in our world, and every little step we take to reduce it can make a big difference. So, before you toss your old device, think about how it can still be useful and give it a new lease on life.
Thank you for taking the time to read through these 10 ways to repurpose your old Android smartphone or tablet. We hope you found them helpful and informative.
Remember, your old device doesn't have to be useless just because you've upgraded to a newer one. With a little creativity and the right tools, you can give it a second life and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. So, don't let your old device go to waste – repurpose it and breathe new life into it!



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