10 Ways You Can Make Money On LinkedIn That People Don't Tell You About

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional and job searching social media portal is a staple source for nearly 610 million registered users across 200 countries. The portal does half of the work to people by dropping posts for job seekers or employee finders and other professional constitutions to earn money.

Ways to make money on LinkedIn

LinkedIn pages If you are on LinkedIn, you must have a separate profile page where you can write posts to update people about your experience and business. After a few days, you will get notifications of people interested in what you wrote on your page. Post contents to your page on regular basis with a pitch of 20-30 pages per month, and they might follow your profile or land a job with you. You can find out more about your page’s engagement levels here. Linkedin groups Use your LinkedIn profile to join groups where you can share the latest news and updates, get invited to events, and participate in discussions and debates about the industry, or simply introduce yourself to new industry people. Join industry groups which are relevant to your business or talent areas.


LinkedIn Applications

Apart from posting jobs, you can also set up an online business page, write the posts on LinkedIn or sell them through email marketing. Though the paid services and other ways to make money are hugely lucrative, you can earn up to half a million dollars a year from LinkedIn through free programs and services. LinkedIn Clubs Now you don’t have to worry about missing important work promotions or making any new connections. Here’s how it works: Sign up for any existing LinkedIn club on your profile. Find out the opportunity to share and showcase your ideas and add value to your peers’ lives.


Boost Your Profile

LinkedIn allows users to boost their profile by encouraging others to read their profile. As LinkedIn generates revenue, therefore, to maximise the impact, users can choose to add a headline to their profile stating their skills, interests, location, past and most importantly, a link to their services and/or company. Advertise your services and/or company LinkedIn allows businesses to advertise their services through a different section called the "Service Ads." The ads can be of a variety of sizes ranging from a small 5 or 10k fee to a flat 100k fee per campaign. The simple, and attractive advertisement is aimed at professionals who are looking for a career change, an opportunity to showcase skills, an expansion opportunity or to grow their business.



For people to make money on LinkedIn, they need to follow simple and relevant posts by their friends. The professional networking platform, LinkedIn makes it easier for you to make money by promoting other posts by the influencers or trusted individuals around you. Just type in the influencers' name and simply click on the link to follow. For making money from ads and premium services, follow recommended people. Sponsored content Based on the amount you invested, you should read how to make money on LinkedIn for free. Then invest money to make money for the LinkedIn influencer. The easiest way to make money from ad is by posting sponsored content. There are many different types of sponsored content. For example, you can also write sponsored blogs and publish content on LinkedIn.


Join Groups

LinkedIn provides categories based on profession and region such as Business & Industry, Education, Travel & Tourism, Health & Fitness, Government, and others to share and discuss content with your colleagues and industry leaders. You could join industry-specific groups by creating an account and start earning. You can earn by replying to the comments from other members and actively engage in discussions in the group, or answer a question, contribute a helpful article or feedback, and share interesting content or showcase a profile. Become an Examiner Examiner status is given to users who share their knowledge, and influence people. It also gives them insight into the perspective and scope of other users.


Groups for beginners

If you have your own business but are clueless about how to write engaging content, creating engaging content for your company to share with its employees and others, you should join a group for beginners. These groups teach the tricks of the trade to market expert in different categories. You can learn how to write content that will make money for you, how to grow your business in any sector and even how to earn money online. You’ll meet people like you and share experiences. I have personally gone through these groups and joined groups like “Getting started with blogging”. I’ve got a whole lot of knowledge I’ve gleaned in the group. Here are some of the topics: The Selling Formula This is the formula for how to turn your product into cash.


LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads are targeted to the users by creating ads that will capture their attention. Through LinkedIn Ads the users can make the most of their followers’ interests in order to advertise their services or products that would be beneficial to them. Apply to thousands of jobs listed in LinkedIn The likes of Forbes and CNN have also listed LinkedIn as one of the “hottest companies for startups”, therefore, one of the major reasons is to make connections to potential customers by applying for thousands of jobs posted on LinkedIn. If you have a LinkedIn account, you can fill in the “Your Interests” section. From there, LinkedIn will build a customised list of jobs that best suits your requirements.



LinkedIn has been an excellent source of finding a suitable job. Thanks to its advanced search options, many career opportunities are right under your fingertips. However, its no secret that every place of the globe has very few job openings and many of them demand highly skilled professionals. To add to your misery, your salary is not commensurate to your skills. If you are one of them, then you should make an attempt to get your LinkedIn profile more popular and gain more followers. Then, you can leverage on its popularity and be highly paid for it.


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