11 lessons of Lord Shiva that you can apply in your life.

The very calm looking God, called 'Dev-Mahadev of the Gods', can also take the form of the destroyer. There are many colors in his personality, and there is one God who can truly teach us the wisdom of living. 

We can learn a lot from Lord Shiva and apply him in our lives so let's take a look at 11 lessons we can learn from him.

1. No matter what happens, you should never tolerate evil. 


Lord Shiva was known as the destroyer of evil. They cannot tolerate injustice and destroy evil demons in a fair manner. Similarly, we should also try to have zero tolerance towards the evil happening around us and take a stand against injustice.


2. Self-control is the key to living life to the fullest. 


An uncontrolled mind can lead you to lead a destructive life. You can't win the battle when you lose focus and fall prey to your desires and addictions. That is why it is important that you keep your mind connected with your goal and heart.


3. Keep Calm and Move On


Shiva was also called 'Mahayogi' or Adiyogi as he meditated for hours for the betterment of the universe. His calm state of mind was disturbed for extreme reasons, but otherwise he would always be in a meditative state. Thus highlighting the fact that you can only win half the battle by staying calm in a stressful situation. This is really the best strategy for solving a problem.


4. Material happiness never lasts long. 


Take a look at Shiva's costume for a moment. Armed only with Trishul and Damru, Lord Shiva always kept away from wealth and material things. If you are not attached to money and materialistic things then you are not missing anything in life. Because material happiness is momentary. You need to find your happiness in events and experiences, not in things.


5. You must learn how to suppress negativity gracefully. 


Shiva was 'Neelkanth' because he swallowed the poison called 'Halahal', which came out of the ocean. Only Shiva could have consumed this poison and suppressed it in his throat. The important lesson to take back from this phenomenon is to take the negativity in our progress and turn it into a positive.


6. Desire leads to passion and passion leads to destruction. 


Since he was free from desires, Shiva never indulged in things. It is a fact that desires always lead to passion, and these in turn make us self-destructive.


7. Respect your spouse. 


Shiva was 'Ardhanarishvara', where half of them were Parvati. He treated Parvati with utmost respect and care. She was his 'power' and gave her the importance she deserved.


8. You should control your ego and let go of pride. 


Your ego is the only thing that stops you from achieving greatness. It is your ego that comes between your goals and your dreams, and makes you a less loving person. It is said that Shiva wore his trident to keep his ego under control. He never allowed his ego to dominate him. On the other hand, neither did he tolerate anyone else's arrogance.


9. Do thorough research on something you can be involved in. 


The Ganges in Shiva's hair symbolizes the end of ignorance. This means you must know what you are doing. Denial about the facts won't help.


10. Understand that everything is temporary. 


Mahayogis don't fall in the trap of 'infatuation'. They know that life is fleeting and that what happens today is not going to last forever. Times change and so do we.


11. Dance


Lord Shiva is known as Nataraja or the king of dance. Although his 'Tandav' destroyed the world, it was also an art that reached us. 




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