12 facts that could save a life

1. "If you ever see rectangular waves in the water, leave the place immediately. These waves mean powerful currents under the water that can carry a person away."


2. "If your car falls into the water, open the window or door immediately. If you don't, nothing can be opened because the pressure is too great and you'll have to wait until the car is full of water to get out of it.


3. "If you're ever at the beach and you see the water receding from the shore or is far from where it normally is, run for high ground. This usually means a tsunami is coming. Those who knew that in 2004 took advantage of it and saved their lives by getting out of there.


4. "If you ever get caught in a battering current, swim parallel to the shore in either direction. A battering current is a very powerful current of water that moves right off the shore. And if you get caught in one of the breakaway waves and try to swim toward the shore, it will push you back out to sea, and you will lose strength very quickly. In such cases, you need to swim sideways, parallel to the shore, until you get out of the breaking current, and then you can swim to shore.


5. "Be sure to fill your bathtub and sink with clean water before disasters. According to the Food and Drug Administration (USA), after major natural disasters, the water is either shut off or heavily contaminated. So it's important to make sure you have plenty of clean water."


6. "If someone has fallen into cold water and is close to hypothermia, do not 

place him near the fire. You need to warm him up gradually. Otherwise, it can be potentially fatal: a sudden change in temperature can cause capillary damage, which in turn can lead to hemorrhage. This is because the bloodstream cannot quickly adapt to the change in temperature from very cold to very hot."


7. "If you're somewhere and you don't have the right size battery with you, but you have a smaller battery, you can use it by putting aluminum foil in the free space and it will still work. The aluminum foil transmits electricity and will do its job."


8. "If you're walking to your car and you see something like a dollar bill or something else on it, don't touch it. This is a common method of kidnapping in which, while the person is about to take the thing, the abusers run up and grab the victim. So don't take it, just drive away. And the most common ones in these cases would be T-shirts wrapped around a mirror or dollar bills."


9. "If a tornado doesn't seem to be moving, that means it's moving toward you."


10. "If you ever find yourself under a wreck and can't get out, don't scream. Because you'll just end up losing precious energy, and you'll lose your voice at the same time. What you need to do is take something in your hand and bang it at three intervals. It is human nature to notice patterns, and the rescuers will start moving towards the source of the sound. As soon as you hear them, you can start screaming.


11. "Many backpacks have a concealed built-in whistle. The clip on many modern backpacks designed for hiking or carpooling has a built-in whistle."


12. "If you get lost or find yourself in an emergency situation and you have a cell phone but no network, no "sim card" or have a negative balance, you can still call 911 (for Russia and CIS countries - 112, approx.) An emergency call will be made through any possible operator, whether it is your service provider or not. It's the same with any payphone. You do not have to pay: the call to 911 (112) is free.


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