12 Easy way to increase website traffic

12 Easy Ways To Increase Website Traffic Fast In Hindi: Friends, everyone makes a website, but after that the biggest problem comes in front of him that how to bring traffic to that website? 

(How To Get Traffic To Website?)


Currently blogging in India is a very difficult task because in the last 5 years the competition on it has increased a lot. 

Since unemployment is high in India, everyone looks for ways to earn money online and keeps trying to earn some good money sitting at home.


how to increase website traffic - 12 easy and simple steps

Today in this post we will try how to increase traffic on your blog or website? 

(How To Drive Traffic To Your Website?) Friends, there are many ways, but which method you can try correctly, it depends on you


Because when which article becomes viral on the Internet, nothing is know

So let's start without any delay and see how you can increase the traffic on the website quickly


12 Ways To Increase Website Traffic Fast In Hi


1. On which platform to build the websit

– Blogger or WordPress, which is better


If you are new to the field of blogging, then we would suggest that you first start with Blogge

Because it is very simple and will be easily understood by you.

The biggest thing is that by creating a website on Blogger, you can also get Adsense approval quickly, because it is a Google product and is also free


how to increase website traffic - 12 easy and simple ste


Blogger or WordPress,

Which is better


After this, when your blog becomes a little old and you have a good experience working on the website, then you can migrate your website built on Blogger to WordPress.But let us tell you, WordPress is not free and for this you will have to buy hosting. 

But the advantage of WordPress is many, because you do not have full control over Blogger, whereas you have full control over WordPress and you are also protected from Adsense.


2. How to choose a domain name? 

- How To Choose Domain Name?


If you are a bginner blogger, then you will create a website on Blogger itself. 

For this, we would suggest that you must make your website on Blogger for free but definitely buy a domain name. 

For this, there are many websites in the market that provide domain name. 

However, you will also get the approval of Adsense on Blogger's free service - blogspot.in. 

But this website will not rank. 

That's why you have to buy a domain.

7 Tips to Write a Blog Post Like a Professional Blogger


But keep in mind that for your website, choose a domain name with .com only. 

Because it also makes a difference in ranking and readers also like to visit the website with .com domain the most. 

Now you will say that our website is registered on .in, then let us tell you, it was our mistake which happened in the beginning.


However, it is not that traffic does not come to the .in domain. 

It is definitely there, but the .com domain has settled in the minds of those who read the article and they believe more in it. 

That's why most of the posts shown in Google Search are most likely to click on the .com domain.

3. How To Choose Keywords – How To Choose Keywords?


how to increase website traffic - 12 easy and simple steps


How To Choose Keywords for your website


If you are writing your post in Hindi then also use English Keywords. 

Like we have done many places in this post. 

Because in India most of the people search in Google with English Keywords only. 

Apart from this, which is your Main Keyword, use it as many times as possible in the post. 

This will help a lot in the ranking of the article.


4. How to rank your post through Google? 

– How to Increase Website Traffic Through Google?


how to increase website traffic - 12 easy and simple steps


How to Increase Website Traffic Through Google


Whatever is your main keyword in the article, you search it in Google and whatever keywords Google provides you in its suggestion, try that you can also include those keywords in your post and write some information on it.

What will happen to it that because of all these keywords, your post will get more information in the eyes of Google, then you can rank the post quickly.


5. How to rank your post on the first page of Google? 

– How To Get Your Blog Post on the First Page of Google


Whatever is the keyword of your article, first of all search it in Google. 

After this, copy the URLs of all the websites that are ranking on the first page of Google related to that keyword and check the total words of all those articles. 

You can check this online for free through any website by visiting Google.  


6. Use of Image – How to Use Image in Website?


Use at least one image in your article and if possible you can do more. 

With this, your post itself can get maximum benefit in ranking.


Because the image used in the website is also searched in the directory of Google Images, due to which traffic can come to your website.


Keep in mind that the size of the image should not be high because it can hinder the loading of your post. 

Along with this, you must also use Title Text and Alt Text in the image. 

This will help your image to be searched in Google Images.


7. Design of Website and Article – Design of your website and Article. 


The design of your article or website should be very simple, it should not be very colorful or overly designed. 

Because such websites do not like to read many times and sometimes they take more time in loading too.


The result of this is that readers will come to the site, but they will go back immediately due to lack of quick loading. 

Because of this, the Bounce Rate on your website will increase and the rank of your website will start falling.


8. Do not write excessive content – ​​Write content as per your knowledge


how to increase website traffic - 12 easy and simple steps. 

To rank your article in the website, everyone says that write more and more words and longer articles so that your website can rank quickly. 

This is also true to some extent. 

But sometimes it has a wrong effect on our website. 

Because in the process of writing long articles, some people keep adding words without any reason, which have nothing to do with their keywords.


Keep in mind that the article should be long according to your information and not just keeping the ranking in mind. 

Because too much of the thing gets boring. 

Everyone knows this. 

Such people will not like to read the entire article in the article itself.

9. Reply to Comments


Keep in mind, whatever readers comment on your website, try to answer whatever are legitimate comments. 

This increases their self-esteem and next time also these people will come to your website and support you with positive thinking.


Apart from this, pay attention to Negative Comments also. 

If you have written something wrong in your post, then correct it immediately and reply to it. 

With this, no one will report your website and the respect for you will also increase in the hearts of the readers.

10. Submit your post to Google and Yahoo Bing – Submit your post URL in Google Search Console and Yahoo Bing Search Engine

After writing any post on your website, the first thing to do is to submit the URL of your post to Google Search Console and Yahoo Bing Search Engine so that the URL of your post can be ranked in these two search engines as soon as possible.


11. Share your post on Social Media – Share your post on Several Social Media Platform


how to increase website traffic - 12 easy and simple steps


Share your post on Several Social Media Platforms


After writing the post, share its URL on social media platforms. 

In this, you can share on all platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc.


Let us tell you, there are many such websites on the Internet that provide the service of automatically sharing each post of your blog on all these platforms for free.


What will happen with this that whenever you put a new post on your website, then the URL of this post will be automatically posted on all the social media platforms selected by you. 

This will save a lot of your time.

12. Be available to your visitors on any platform – Always available for your visitors


Try to always stay connected with all your readers. 

Because in this age of internet no one stops for anyone. 

If you have answered his questions according to him and on time, then he will definitely visit your website for the second time.


This is your benefit. 

For this you can use Facebook Page, Twitter or any of your WhatsApp Groups.


Friends, we hope that all the above-mentioned solutions are well understood by you. 

If you work keeping all these things in mind then you will definitely get success.


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