13 Legit Get Paid To Signup Websites


Now what I’m talking about here is how to get paid to signup on some legit websites. You might wonder, why would anyone pay you for simply signing up on their website? Is there some catch or trap that you might fall into?

The answer is no. These are perfectly legit websites where all you need to do is signup and get sign up bonuses cash.

Understandably, not all of them will pay you cash. Instead, some might pay you in even more precious stuff such as cryptocurrencies or gift vouchers or even priceless stock or shares of some large global corporation.

They want you to sign up for many reasons. One is to send promotional emails. Second because some websites share your email IDs with their partners and associates.

Thirdly because they can get you to do some work such as paid online surveys for market research purposes? And fourthly, to make you invest.Surely, this sounds interesting to you doesn’t it? So let’s explore these top 13 websites that will pay you cash as high as $250 as bonus when you sign up.

Top 13 Websites that Pay upto $10+ for Signup

These top 13 websites that pay upto $10+ and more for signing-up have been selected by us after due research. Therefore, you needn’t fear while giving them your email ID: these are perfectly legit websites where you can earn a sign up bonus. In some cases, you will get the bonus immediately. In other cases, you may have to wait for a few days.

Earnviv - Earn money online

Earnviv is an app and a website that pays you instant rewards of 100 points and more when you sign-up. You can win more money through their points system.

You can sign-up for the account online and complete other formalities within a second you can create your account. 

And you can also get more money by referring friends and relatives to sign-up for this website. And this site provides you with a great daily lottery system where you can earn 4x points in seconds.

This is a legit and paying website. If you want earn some money just go and signup by the given link https://earnviv.com/?ref=38899


Most of us have heard about Bitcoin, the single-largest cryptocurrency in the world. When you sign up on Coinbase.com, you get a fraction of Bitcoin which is called Satoshi. At the time of writing this article, the price of a single Bitcoin stands at $54,500 each.

Each Bitcoin consists of one hundred million Satoshi. So here’s your chance to earn a few Satoshi for free and earn more from other websites.

To explain a bit, Coinbase.com is a cryptocurrency trading website or cryptocurrency exchange. By signing up with them, you’re indicating plans to invest or buy Bitcoin.

Coinbase.com wants to promote Bitcoin so it rewards you with Satoshi worth at least $200 when you sign up. You can keep the Satoshi or trade them away for cash.


Robinhood.com offers an eponymous app that you could download on your Android based smartphone, iPhone or a tab.

This is an app where you can trade in various financial assets such as stocks of companies in the US and abroad, Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs, Mutual Funds, foreign currencies, cryptocurrencies and commodities such as crude oil, gold, silver and lead among others.

The app comes in two versions- free and paid. If you opt for the paid version, Robinhood.com will give you a fraction of a high-value stock which is worth $50 or more or a single share worth that value.

You can also opt to get one or more units of ETFs, Mutual Fund, gold or other assets worth that value.


Acorns is an app and website for small investors. Available as free of paid versions, you can download it for Android based phones and iPhones. Acorns makes it easy for you to start investing in the stocks, commodities and currencies markets.

The best part of Acorns is that you can start your investment journey with as little as $5 only. And in return, you get a stock, ETF, cryptocurrency, fiat currency or other asset free.

Actually, Acorns might not give you a full stock or share or other asset only for $5. But it will definitely give you a sign-up bonus worth $250 when you make your first investment. For $5, you will get a fraction of the stock or other asset.

You can invest more and more to own more fractions and get the full stock. It is also possible to sell your assets anytime and get cash instantly if necessary.


SoFi.com is all about finance and money. In fact, SoFi.com is also known as “the money app,” by its fans. And they give you a cool bonus of $50 when you sign-up with Sofi after downloading their free app.

However, to get this free $50, you have to fund your SoFi.com account with $500 or more.

If you’re wondering what SoFi.com is all about, here’re some details. SoFi.com is a financial company that offers great rewards when you take their debit card and spend it.

They issue a debit card that you can use anywhere in the world. Each time you use the card, you get SoFi Points too which are redeemable for cash or shopping coupons.


Yes, you’re right. WeBull.com gets its name from the Wall Street Bull- the famous landmark that sits right at the centre of Wall Street in New York. And true to its name, WeBull.com is all about the Wall Street stock market.

You can buy and sell stocks with as little as $10 to get a welcome bonus of $250.

The best way to get started with WeBull is by downloading their free app and funding it. If you fund your account with $500 or more, WeBull.com offers a sign-up bonus of $250.

You can use this bonus to buy cryptocurrencies, stocks or ETFs, Mutual Funds, currencies, as well as commodities.


Yamgo.com is a British website that allows Americans also to participate. Sign-up on Yamgo.com and earn rewards all your life. This is a legit company that pays you a bonus when you sign-up.

They however take permission to share your email ID with their marketing associates. All you need to do is keep your account active for a few weeks after sign-up.

However, earning bonus cash on Yamgo.com takes some effort and that might prove a bit difficult. You have to refer your relatives and friends to sign-up too and earn points.

These points are redeemable for cash, which sums up to a good $50 or more, depending upon the number of people you successfully refer.

Nielsen Computer Panel

Nielsen Computer Panel is also known as Nielsen Panel is a world famous website. It comes from the global market research company, Nielsen Research. To explain a bit more, Nielsen Panel enlists your help as a consumer.

They want your opinion about existing products and any upcoming improvements and new brands.

Nielsen Computer Panel is for serious consumers only. Meaning, they will give you surveys that you can answer only if you're using that specific product or service.

Faking replies could disqualify you. Signing up is easy and fast. And they pay $50 or more per survey that you complete. Each survey can take up to 30 minutes and consists of multiple questions and a choice of answers.


Rakuten is a website from Japan with large operations in the US. They give you a welcome bonus of $25 for simply signing up. You can get this bonus by shopping through Rakuten.com or by doing online surveys and lots of other stuff.

They also have a superb referral program where you can get more money. All you need to do is refer a relative or friend and step up your earnings.

Actually, Rakuten.com is a legit one. And it is highly respected worldwide. There are several options to get money on Rakuten after you become a member.

One of them is shopping with their partners. Rakuten.com is one of the best websites you can sign-up for since they pay almost instantly.


Open an account at HSBC Bank, deposit $5,000 to get a sign-up bonus of $450 instantly. You don’t really have to visit the bank to open the account nowadays. Due to lockdowns and restrictions following the Covid-19 pandemic, you can sign-up for an account online too.

However, you will have to visit the branch at a later date to complete your full account opening formalities.

As you might know, HSBC Bank operates worldwide. Therefore, you have a chance to open an account with them in the US too. They also offer offshore accounts for American expatriates that live abroad.

However, check for your eligibility to open an offshore account at HSBC Bank with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to avoid any hassles later.


Open a checking account online with Chase bank and get $225 as a sign-up bonus instantly. Again, you needn’t actually visit the bank right away to open an account. You can do so at a later date by fixing an appointment online or by phone.

Check their terms and conditions before signing up. One thing I can say is that this is one of the best banks in the USA.

Chase is one of the oldest and most respected banks in the US. It also operates worldwide. And they offer a lot of benefits to customers that hold checking accounts.

One of them is their amazing app, which also allows you to operate your account from any part of the world, as long as you have a smartphone and Internet connection.

TD Bank

TD Bank operates across America. And you can earn up to $300 as a welcome bonus by simply opening an account with them online, from their websites.

They also have an investment app called TD Ameritrade, where you can invest with small amounts starting with $10 onwards.

You can get bonus shares of up to $50 when you make your first funding of the account and invest on stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, currencies, cryptocurrencies and commodities on TD Ameritrade.

Opening an account with TD Bank and TD Ameritrade is a superb combo pack to earn a lot of free bonus.

PNC Bank

PNC Bank offers three different types of checking accounts with online wallets that you can download for your computer and mobile. They offer a wallet sign-up bonus of $300 to $400.

And you can also get more money by referring friends and relatives to sign-up for this bank’s online wallets. Check their website for options and select the one that suits your needs.

You can sign-up for the account online and complete other formalities within a few days, as per the bank’s rule. Find out if there’s a PNC Bank in your area. That would help a lot. Though they offer net banking facilities, having a branch nearby is useful.

In Conclusion

Getting bonus for signing up on legit websites is fairly simple. All these websites are well known and millions of Americans use them to earn extra cash. Banks that offer cash bonuses for signing up through their websites are also among the largest ones in USA.


Check the terms and conditions of all websites before signing up. That’s because some of these websites might share your email address to their marketing partners and associates.



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