13 things to remember when life hits you over the head

13 things to remember when life hits you over the head


1. What is, is.


The Buddha's famous saying is, "Your suffering is caused by your resistance to what is. Think about this for a moment. It means that suffering is only possible when we refuse to accept what is happening. If you can change something, take action.

But if change is not possible, you have two options: accept the situation and let go of the negativity, or suffer long, passionately and passionately.


2. Πpoblema only becomes a problem when you call it that.


We often become our own worst enemies. Happiness really depends on one's point of view. If you think something is a problem, your emotions and thoughts will be filled with negativity. Think about what lessons you can learn from the situation, and it will suddenly cease to be a problem.


3 If you want to change things, start by changing yourself.


Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. You probably know people whose lives are full of chaos and stress. And isn't that because they themselves are in a completely random order? We like to think that changing circumstances change us. In fact, it works the other way around: we have to change ourselves in order to change circumstances.


4. Ηe has no concept of failure-just an opportunity to learn something.


Βe must simply eliminate the word "failure" from our vocabulary. Great men have failed over and over again before they succeeded. Thomas Edison used to say: "I didn't fail at inventing the light bulb. I just found 99 ways it didn't work. Learn something from your so-called failures. Learn how to do it better next time.


5. Εcf you're not getting what you want, then something better is on its way.


I know that's hard to believe sometimes. Ηo it's true. Usually when you look back on your life, you realize that good things happened after something didn't work out. Perhaps the job you weren't hired for would have alienated you from your family as opposed to the one you ended up getting. Πpocto believe that things happen just the way they should.


6. Appreciate the present moment.


It will never come again. There is something valuable in every moment of life, don't let it pass you by. Soon everything will become a memory. Perhaps one day you will miss even those moments that don't seem happy now.


7. Let go of desires.


Most people live with a "bound mind." This means that they attach great importance to their desires, and if they don't get what they want, their emotions go into the negative. Instead, try practicing a "detached mind": if you want something, you will still be happy whether you get what you want or not. Βa your emotions in this state remain neutral or positive.


8. Πoyme your fears and be grateful for them.


Fear can be a great teacher. And overcoming fear often gets you closer to victory. Ηaanimep, when I was in college, I was afraid of public speaking. So now I find it funny that not only do I speak in front of a group of people every day as a teacher, but I also teach the art of public speaking. It only takes practice to overcome fear. Fear is just an illusion.


9. Give yourself the ability to feel joy.


Believe it or not, I know too many people who don't allow themselves to have fun. They don't even know how to be happy. Some are so addicted to their problems and inner chaos that they have no idea who they are without it all. So try to let yourself be happy. It may be a small moment, but it is important to focus on the joys, and not on the difficulties.


10. Don't compare yourself to others.


If you do, compare yourself with those who are worse off than you are. Unemployed? At least be thankful that you get unemployment benefits. Most people in the world live in a state of extreme poverty. You don't look like Angelina Jolie? I think very few people look like her. And you're probably much more attractive than most. Focus on that.


11. ΒYou are not a victim.


ΒYou are only a victim of your own thoughts, words, and actions. No one is doing anything specifically for you or against you. You create your own experiences. Take personal responsibility and realize that you can survive difficulties. You just have to start by changing your thoughts and actions. Give up your victim mentality and become a winner.


12. Βce can and will change.


"This too shall pass" is one of my favourite sayings. When we are stuck in a bad situation, there seems to be no way out. It seems like nothing will ever change. But you know what? There will be changes. Nothing lasts forever, except death. So give up the habit of thinking it will stay that way forever. It won't. But you will have to do something to change the situation. It cannot magically change itself.


13. Anything is possible.


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