15 facts you didn't know before about Kim Kardashian!!!

Popular, beautiful and successful - that's all about Kim Kardashian. She sets the world's trends, as she is followed on Instagram by more than 190 million users, and today she turns (can't be) 40 years old. 


All aspects of the birthday girl's life are on the radar, including her children, husband, business and looks, and her photos are admired by many fans around the world. She has been married three times, is raising 4 children, has a lot of influence and incredible charisma.

1.Kim Kardashian became widely popular in the media in 2007 when a scandalous intimate video of her and her ex-boyfriend Ray J - a popular American R&B singer, songwriter and actor - was leaked online.

2.In addition to fame, she received $5 million thanks to the leaked video. This amount was paid by Vivid Entertainment, the owner of the rights to the video.

3.At the age of 19, the celebrity got married for the first time. The music producer Damon Thomas became her husband. The marriage lasted four years and in 2011 she married Chris Humphries, whom she filed for divorce 72 days later.

4.Kim worked as a stylist for Lindsay Lohan and singer Brandi.

5.The star is obsessed with cleanliness. She once admitted that she suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). That's why, despite the fact that there are more than enough staff at the Kardashian and West's house, the girl keeps up with the cleanliness herself by doing chores around the house. 

6.The birthday girl was friends with Paris Hilton. It was the socialite who first brought the once unknown Kim Kardashian into the world. The girls' friendship came to an end the moment her friend's popularity overshadowed the other.

7.The star has six piercings on her body, which are located in her belly button, on her right ear, three on her left earlobe and one on the same ear a little higher.

8.The celebrity can't stand parsley, mustard, peppers, blue cheese and red velvet cake.

9.Wherever Kim goes, she always takes a pillow and blanket with her. This applies to any travel, whether by car or airplane.

10.Kardashian knows sign language. It is this skill that helped her during school to prompt her classmates. 

11.Every morning she crunches the joints of her hands.

11.The celebrity excelled in school and was even ahead of her classmates, but she never went to college because she was building a career.

12.The style and charm icon for Kim is Jennifer Lopez.

13.The star is 1.57 meters tall.

14.There are always manicure scissors in Kardashian's purse. 15.The thing is that she carefully takes care of the appearance of her nails and cuticles. If something happens to her manicure, the girl will feel extremely unsatisfactory.


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