15 tips for those who want to quit smoking

1. When you buy a pack of cigarettes, write down its cost, and at the end of the week, calculate how much you could save.


2. Set a date in advance for when you will quit smoking. It can be timed to coincide with a significant event for you (vacation, birthday, holiday). Afterwards, don't look for excuses to postpone it.


3. Decide whether you are going to stop smoking right away or gradually. If gradually, set intermediate goals, such as smoking two less cigarettes every day or quitting after two weeks.


4. If you feel a very strong need to smoke, it is better to quit immediately and irrevocably. A day or two before you finally quit, smoke about twice as many cigarettes as usual. The body will become saturated with nicotine and other harmful components of tobacco, you will feel particularly acutely the harmfulness of smoking, and it will be easier for you to quit.


5. If your work environment encourages you to quit smoking, choose non-business days - Saturdays or Sundays, vacations, vacations - or when you are on a business trip.


6. Don't buy cigarettes in packs; don't buy another pack until you run out of cigarettes.


7. If you have a desire to smoke, do not take out your cigarette immediately, but hold the pack in your hands for at least 3 minutes. During this time, do something interesting and pleasant to take your mind off your cigarette, such as calling a good friend, taking a walk down the hall, etc.


8. Every morning, by any means, delay the moment of smoking your first cigarette as long as possible.


9. Do not carry cigarettes with you.


10. Remove ashtrays, lighters, and all objects that remind you of smoking from your room. Refrain from smoking with your family, friends, and children. Try not to smoke when you watch TV.


11. Smoke only half a cigarette.


12. Instead of another cigarette, resort to light exercise, a short brisk walk. Do not replace a cigarette with food, especially high-calorie food - fatty, sweet, and floury.


13. Visit theaters, cinemas, museums, where smoking is prohibited.


14. Give up smoking for one day, one more day tomorrow, one more day after that, etc. Argue with someone that you will reach your goal.


15. Find a partner to quit smoking with. Try to help someone else, especially your spouse, stop smoking.



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