15 ways to make money without getting a job

Very often, many of us do not have enough money. And then the question arises, where to get it?


Find a job, take out a loan, or borrow from friends. That's all! This is where the imagination of many people ends.


I decided to come up with and write several ways to make money besides being employed. I have experienced most of these methods myself and can confidently say that they work




1. Selling someone else's services.


About 5 years ago I painted non-standard portraits from photographs, then I got bored with it. And I found a painter, gave her orders and took 20% for it. There are a lot of options for earning money.


2. Network Marketing.


It is now very important to choose your network company carefully. There are many businesses that make gullible people make money. But there are real companies that are honest in their terms. A big plus, in addition to earning money, is training. In many network companies, training for their representatives is free.


3. Traffic arbitration.


If you are not familiar with advertising and you do not have a resource with high traffic, this method will be difficult for you. It's all about attracting people who follow your referral link. If a person follows the link and makes a purchase, you will receive money. There are several types of arbitrage - pay-per-sign, pay-per-click, and pay-per-purchase. There are specialized platforms for arbitration.


4. Do something with your own hands.


I have a friend who makes excellent wood frames and lettering. This activity brings him pleasure and a good income.


5. Provide services you know about.


For example, to repair computers, install software or translate text from a foreign language, etc. From here you can turn it into a real business. Create a system and hire employees to perform these services.


6. Invest in real business.


There are now many start-up companies that need investment to grow. This method will allow you to get from 30 to 100% of the invested funds, but the risk of losing the investment is also great.


7. Forex.


Trading in the foreign exchange market, with sufficient knowledge, can bring good money. But be prepared for routine computer work. This may seem boring to some. This is probably why I gave up this occupation.


8. Investing in PAMM accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.


Before investing money, be sure to understand how you will get it back. Be careful.


9. Buy property and rent it out.


Not suitable for everyone.\


10. Rent an apartment for a long time and rent it daily.


But there is a very important point here; if you are going to do this, then you must do so according to the official docs. That is, the owners of a rented apartment should know about this business.


11. Buy a car and rent it out.


It can be a truck or a car. Or a special car.


12. Organize holidays and celebrations.


The topic is very extensive, if you are interested - go for it!


13. Create an online store.


Lately, many people have been gathering in this area. But how profitable it is, I cannot say. However, there are people who have succeeded.


14. Conducting paid consultations on the topic in which you understand best.


The profession of a mentor, offering people a way to solve their problems, is a calling and real serious work. This is the kind of profession that kindles a fire in me. So if you have any questions about the business, email me.


15. Earn on your talents.


If you are good at dancing / singing / painting, you can sell it. Anyone has talent. Even if you don't think there is something special about you, you can still do something better than anyone else. Just think what it could be.


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