2 phrases that keep us from living happily here and now

The first phrase that keeps us from living: "Just a little bit more, and everything will be fine. This is the mindset of the future. You need to take a leap, and you'll be happy. It won't.


You need to make every day joyful, filled with positivity. Be happy in the moment. Not tomorrow.

If you feel joy now, tomorrow it will be easier to keep it. It doesn't matter if you don't have money or anything else today. Maybe you only managed to buy a bun and juice. That's okay. Be happy today, believe in the positivity of tomorrow. And everything will happen.


You can wait for a happy tomorrow all your life.


Second phrase: "Remember..." How great it was last year, 10 years ago, in another state that existed when we were not yet born.


Yes, maybe it was cool. I remember a trip to Altai. It was calm and inspired there. I was high. I was very happy. I was happy. And now I am happy. Yesterday - Altai. Today it's delicious soup on a campfire near St. Petersburg. All this causes joy. Of course, if you are in the mood for positivity, not if you are used to being sad.


The main idea: happiness is here and now. Do not think of the past, which will not return. Don't wait for happiness to arrive in the future. Be happy right now.


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