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The action of a non-trivial film with an unexpected outcome takes place in the year 2046. A young scientist named George works in a secret laboratory. His job is to find a way to extend life by using computer programs. But the true purpose of the hero is different - he is trying to resurrect his wife, who died a few years ago. Nothing is impossible for the brilliant scientist. He is just waiting for the right time to download his wife's consciousness into the robot he created.


Superintelligence (2020)

The comedy, released in 2020, received conflicting reviews from audiences, but still scored a rating thanks to American fans of actress Melissa McCarthy. In the artificial intelligence film, a mediocre woman will become the object of observation by an ingenious computer mind. Superintelligence can not decide what to do with mankind - to destroy or give a chance? And decides to observe Carol to understand how much of the missing people inhabit the planet.


Next (series, 2020)

A new sci-fi movie series about the confrontation between humanity and cybernetic intelligence. In the story, computer engineering genius Paul LeBlanc developed a machine called "Next". What he managed to do was smarter and more dangerous than Paul would have guessed. There was a malfunction in the program, and now the danger hangs over all mankind. How to control the smart machine, if it knows everything ahead? This is the problem to solve the hero.


Jexi (2019)

An ironic movie about a rebellion of machines, or rather, a rebellious virtual assistant. Phil is just a humble guy who works at a not very interesting job and has no friends at all. But he does have a voice assistant, Lexie. Virtual girlfriend knows everything about Phil, because it is in the power of his cell phone, and thus all the correspondence, requests and secret desires. She's the one who's been smitten with Phil on the phone, and she's the one who's helped him get on with his life.


Upgrade (2018)

A highly rated film for fans of cyberpunk and unexpected endings. Car mechanic Gray does not recognize gadgets, despises all kinds of innovations and is used to working with his hands. One day he receives an interesting order from the head of a corporation that develops bio-implants. Together with his wife, he sets off on a trip and gets into an accident on the way back. Now Gray is paralyzed from the neck down, and that last customer suggests that the unfortunate man install "Stam," a built-in intelligence that, in symbiosis with the human body, can do many things, even put the hero on his feet.


I Am Mother (2018)

The sci-fi project from Netflix is a movie about a machine with artificial high-tech intelligence. And it's not just any computer, but a robot mother trained to become a guardian for a human child. After the cataclysm there was nothing left alive on Earth. But prudent scientists created a bunker where embryos are stored. From one embryo a robot mother raises a child - he is destined to a mission to revive the dead planet. Soon the child begins to ask too many questions, and a woman appears on the bunker's doorstep.


Zoe (2018)

Zoe and Cole work for a corporation that develops innovations in romantic relationships. The firm produces interactive compatibility tests, drugs that can enhance passion, and perfect robot partners. Cole has recently emerged from a complicated relationship and is obsessed with creating a girl who is incapable of hurting and betraying. Zoe is in the business of testing couples, determining the likelihood of a perfect union. The heroes sympathize with each other until Zoe learns the scary truth.


Tau (2018).

The top AI movie continues with a low-budget chamber thriller. Julia, a 25-year-old thief, wakes up one day in a mysterious prison where she becomes a participant in an experiment. Every day her intelligence is tested, the results of which are transferred to the bowels of the computer. It is almost impossible to escape - the whole house is stuffed with electronics and controlled by a computer.



Access Unlimited (2016)

Businessman Mike Regan has no time to delve into the technical arrangement of his home. So when the artificial intelligence system in the man's residence malfunctions, he invites an IT specialist from his company to fix the problem. Smart smiling Ed likes Michael at first. But he soon realizes that the computer guy is trying to infiltrate his family too deeply, flirting with his daughter and gaining access to personal information. Mike fires Ed, unaware that the guy is not as simple as he seems, and now his family is in danger.


Humans(series, 2015 - 2018)

The series of films about smart machines is a remake of the Swedish TV show "Real People". Only in the new version the creators decided to go deeper into the topic of the impact of technology on people. In a parallel world, robots with high intelligence have long lived together with humans as domestic helpers. Such an android named Mia is acquired by the Hawkins family in order to free themselves from household chores. However, as time passes, Mia's actions, words, and deeds begin to resemble human ones more and more, which frightens the family members.


Ex Machina (2014)

Caleb works for a high-tech corporation. One day he wins a contest and is sent to a secluded mansion away from civilization. The point of his business trip is to test a new artificial intelligence. Caleb must spend a week with the humanoid robot Ava. At the end of the period it must be determined whether the computer's mind can compete with the human in intelligence and the ability to express feelings.


Transcendence (2014)

A film about intelligent programs capable of taking over the world will tell the story of what can happen when artificial intelligence and the mind of a power-hungry human are combined. Dr. Will Custer is a scientist who created a unique program. The program has gathered together the knowledge accumulated throughout human history. One day, members of a radical group kill Will. And his wife downloads a copy of his consciousness into the computer in an attempt to bring back her beloved. Although Will's body dies, his mind is reborn in the machine, thus gaining digital immortality and access to all the information in the world.


Autómata (2014)

Earth in the year 2044 is almost completely destroyed by natural disasters. Survivors take refuge in specially created cities behind blank walls. The existence of the cities is supported by robots, which have two basic commandments - not to change themselves and not to harm living beings. One day, police officers shot and killed a robot after discovering that it was trying to remake itself by violating one of the commandments. The confusing situation will be dealt with by Jacques Vokan, an insurance salesman for an android company.


Intelligence (TV series, 2014)

The list of the best films about artificial intelligence will continue with the series, the first episode of which attracted about 16 million viewers to the screens. Gabriel is an unusual intelligence agent - he has a chip sewn into his head that allows the soldier to access a global network and connect to databases all over the world. However, Gabriel often gets out of control. That's why the director of Cyber Command gives him Agent Riley Neal as a partner. The girl must ensure that Gabriel does not harm himself or those around him.




A fantastic movie with high ratings will help you imagine - what is she, the perfect woman? Intelligent, understanding, ready to support any conversation or remain silent if necessary. But what if the ideal woman is an artificial mind? In the future, the computer operating system has become a partner of man, helping him not only in solving everyday problems. Lonely writer Theodore buys a new operating system, and soon there is a romance between man and machine.


The Machine (2013)

English action film tells the story of the not-too-distant future. Great Britain is in search of the perfect weapon. For this purpose, the Ministry of Defense hires an eminent scientist Vincent. His task is to develop an ideal soldier based on an artificial mind. He takes as his assistant a young talented boy, Ava, who will help him realize the machine's full potential. But during the course of the work, something unexpected happens.



Alex, a renowned robotics engineer, is drawn into a new development - the creation of an android child. In order to endow the machine with human emotions, he needs a specimen of a living mind. For this role, Alex chooses a girl, Eva, who is more intelligent than other children. Eva is the daughter of the engineer's former lover. Alex begins to communicate with the friendly girl while studying her mind.


Person of Interest (TV series, 2011 - 2016)

A movie about artificial intelligence in the genre of crime fiction. Billionaire hacker Finch has developed a program capable of identifying future victims of crime. The system monitors the entire world from every camera, every phone, every laptop. The government uses the program to prevent terrorist attacks and assassinations of public figures, but does not want to declassify the development to keep ordinary people safe. However, a team of specialists emerges, ready to save ordinary citizens.


Eagle Eye (2008)

Ethan, a U.S. intelligence officer, is murdered. After the funeral his twin brother Jerry discovers a huge amount of money in his accounts, and in his apartment a bunch of prohibited items - weapons, explosives, forged documents. At the moment of discovery, Jerry's phone rings and an unknown female voice tells him that FBI agents will rush in in a few seconds. At the same time, single mother Rachel also receives a phone call. The unknown woman threatens her son if Rachel does not complete her assignment.


Artificial Intelligence: AI (2001)

In a movie about the future, corporations cheerfully produce robots for various human needs. But demands are growing, and people want more than just smart machines. An idea emerges to create a child who can feel love for his parents. This android is the next generation of cybernetics. It can feel and give emotions. The Swinton family, heartbroken by their son's terminal illness, decides to have such a robot.


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