20 millimeter rifle unveiled in Serbia

The Sarac 99 large-caliber rifle was unveiled at the international defense exhibition "Partner-2021" in Belgrade, Serbia. The weapon uses 20 millimeter caliber ammunition.

Large-caliber rifles are designed to defeat lightly armored vehicles and manpower in shelters. However, the protection of modern equipment allows it to withstand fire from common 12.7 to 99 millimeter caliber ammunition.

The rifle from Yugoimport (Yugoimport) uses 20- by 110-millimeter caliber ammunition. The initial velocity of the projectile is 840 meters per second. This allows the Sarac 99 to pierce a steel plate of 25 millimeters thickness from a distance of up to 200 meters. Maximum rate of fire of the rifle is five rounds per minute.

Weight of the weapon without magazine and sights is about 50 kilograms. The 3.5 kg magazine can hold 7 rounds. A two-man squad can carry three magazines.


The development of a super long-range sniper rifle has been reported. The Russian company ORSIS (part of the Industrial Technologies Group) is working on a promising rifle for the 12.7 by 99 millimeter cartridge. The weapon will allow it to hit targets at a range of up to three kilometers.


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