20 Ways to Improve Your Health

1. master meditation

Ten to 20 minutes of meditation a day is one of the top secrets to longevity. "Meditation improves sleep quality, lowers high blood pressure, boosts immunity and improves cardiovascular health," says wellness coach Kerry Bajaj. - Plus, it helps you feel better; it's a great way to relax."


2. Get some sleep

Research from the University of Rochester, USA, showed that lack of sleep impairs our body's ability to eliminate toxins, impairs brain function. So when you don't get enough sleep, you can't concentrate and work. And there's only one thing that will help: going to bed!



3. Refuel with clean water.

How you start the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Experts recommend greeting the dawn with a glass of water. You can add lemon slices or fresh berries to make it taste richer.


Studies show that drinking water can increase the number of calories burned by speeding up the metabolism. For example, if a person drinks 8.4 glasses of water per day, they can burn an additional 96 kcal.


4. Drink green tea.

Besides water, green tea is the best drink for your body. A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that drinking green tea regularly improves memory and cognitive performance. And other studies show that it boosts metabolism, normalizes blood pressure, improves immunity and reduces inflammation.


5. Floss.

Flossing can do more than just brighten up your smile. If your gums are inflamed, it can allow an infection to enter your bloodstream and cause inflammation throughout your body. That's why flossing is a must.



6. Take probiotics.

There is a direct correlation between how we feel and what is going on in the gut. Probiotics improve digestion, increase colonies of beneficial bacteria in the gut and strengthen the immune system.


7. Practice HIIT.

According to research from experts at Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Birmingham, high-intensity exercise (HIIT) offers the same health benefits as long sessions at the gym. But it also saves a lot of time.


8. Give up canned food in a can

Manufacturers use materials that release the dangerous chemical bisphenol into the food when making canned food cans. There are studies that show a direct link between bisphenol in food and reproductive disorders in humans, increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Buy canned food only in glass jars.


9. Wear sunglasses

Today there is such a selection of sunglasses - different shapes, sizes, colors of lenses - that not wearing them is a crime! Especially considering the fact that sunglasses prevent eye damage and reduce the chance of cataracts and even skin cancer. Choose sunglasses with 99-100 percent UV protection. And remember: The bigger the accessory, the higher the level of protection.


10. Eat more fiber.

It's especially nice to get it in the summer - from fresh berries, vegetables and fruits. But don't forget the fiber found in grains either! Studies have shown that those who regularly consume enough fiber per day (25-35 g) live longer.


11. Make Love

A 25-year study by experts from Duke University showed that the more often you enjoy making love, the longer you'll live. Time spent alone with the opposite sex helps to look and feel younger, reduces stress, increases immunity, improves sleep and cardiovascular health. And for men it is also an excellent prevention of prostate cancer.


12. talk to each other

Pleasant communication makes a person happier. Call a friend and invite him to dinner, write a letter to a good friend or make a phone call to someone you can share your deepest feelings with.

Research published in PLOS MEDICINE has shown that people who have strong social connections have better health and live longer than those who do not.


13. Think about vacations.

According to scientists and doctors, people who always take vacations live longer. They are also less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease. Socializing with family and friends while on vacation is also good for a person's mental health.


14. Give up sugar.

Most people consume far more sweets than is acceptable. A passion for refined sugar and products with it in them is fraught with health risks.

When sweets enter the body, blood glucose levels spike, followed by an equally steep drop. This makes you feel hungry, angry and irritable, and in addition - increases the likelihood of accumulating excess weight and the development of diseases that go with it


15. Move

A sedentary job is not a reason to give up movement during the day. Every hour, get up from behind your chair and exercise, take a walk down the hall, or at least just stand at your desk. This small measure helps prevent many health problems, including hypertension and type 2 diabetes.


16. Load up on nuts.

Despite their high fat content, nuts are extraordinarily healthy and nutritious. That's because they contain healthy fats, and in addition they contain magnesium, vitamin E, fiber and other nutrients. Research has shown that nuts can help with weight loss and the prevention of diabetes.



17. Eat "real" food.

Processed foods affect our brain's pleasure centers, provoke overeating and in some people are food addicts. At the same time they are not good for our health, on the contrary, they undermine it, because they have minimal amounts of fiber, protein and minerals, but record high amounts of added sugars, saturated fats and trans fats. These are "empty" calories that poison the body. Choose healthy, natural foods instead!


18. Take it to the chest.

Don't be afraid to lift heavy weights! Working out with weights and dumbbells is a great way to build muscle mass and improve body composition.


19: Get rid of belly fat.

If you are overweight, you need to get rid of it. Fat that creates an "airbag" on your belly is especially harmful. Studies link it to metabolic disorders. Therefore, those who can not independently lose all the "extra", should make an appointment with a doctor. Timely medical care is one of the keys to a healthy, active life.


20. Get Outdoors.

Sunny vitamin D plays an important role in the human body. Among other things, it contributes to the production of the joy hormone serotonin and gaining longevity. And the best way to get it is a walk in the fresh air. But don't stay in the sun too long and don't forget to use sunscreen.


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