22 tips for increasing personal productivity

1. Don't put things off.

2. Make a work plan for each day.

Alternate between physical and intellectual work.

4 Set long-term goals for yourself.

5. Devote at least 20% of your personal time to rest.

6. Get along with effective and active people.

7. Keep your home and workplace neat and tidy.

8. Train yourself to get things done on time.

9. There is no free stuff - you have to work at everything.

10. Get yourself into the habit of seeing things through to the end.

11. In every problem, look for different variants of its solution.

If you can't do it by yourself, look for someone who can help you do it.

13. Don't be ashamed of looking stupid.

14. Observe the regime of your day and food.

15. Draw conclusions from every day you live.

16. Learn a lesson from every mistake.

17. Do not repeat the actions that led you to make a mistake.

18. Remember that improved performance is directly related to the condition of your body.

19. Remember that your future begins with your thoughts and plans.

20. Don't get distracted by little things.

21. Learn to be efficient regardless of your mood.

22. Separate personal and work relationships.


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