23 Legit Apps to Earn Money From

Userfeel app

Make money by viewing new apps and websites, giving feedback and more others in this app. Userfeel is a legit app that will pay you straight at your PayPal account or through your payoneer account. 

Banatic app

Banatic app is another app that will let you earn free money by doing things on their app like:

. Playing games

. Testing other apps if they are working

Banatic app will reward you with points that you will eventually going to redeem into real money. 

Cashyy app

You can download this app to earn easy money by discovering new games, and completing missions. In that manner you will never miss anything at your account! You can cashout your money through PayPal or any gift cards. 

Toluna influencers app

Tuluna influencer app will give you a chance to earn money through there app by seeking your voice and leaving feedback on the top brands also there are some surveys. So, there are pretty work there that will let you earn money and be paid through your PayPal account or gift cards. 

Dosh app 

Link your payment cards to Dosh app to let the app track your your spending. This app will pay you back whenever you shop at any elegible partener to your :

. PayPal

. Venmore

. Direrect deposit deposit o your bank

MobileXpression app

This is a market research app that will let you earn some money at there app by doing tasks like:

. Sharing how to use the internet at you background phone. 

You will earn credit whenever it the app is runs at your background phone. 

They will pay you through :

. Amazon 

Current rewards app

This app will let you earn some money by only doing simple tasks like :

. Watching videos

. Playing games

. Answering surveys 

. Listening to music

This app will be the best choice for people who loves entertainment. So if you like entertainment, then you don't need to hesitate to download this app to earn money. Current rewards app will pay you through:

. PayPal 

. Any kind of gift cards

. Charitable donations

EySense app

EyeSense app will let you earn money by :

. Completing tasks 

. Taking surveys 

. Doing research 

Really you will earn real money and the will pay anyone through:

. Paypal

. Skirll

And they minimum payouts is only $10

Mobrog app

Earn some money through your mobile phone or with your laptop by taking simple surveys. The best thing about Mobrog app is that, if your survey will take a long duration then you will be earn high. You will cashout anytime that you wish if only you have accumulated a payment of $6.00. Mabrog will pay you through the following payout :

. Skirll

. PayPal 

Gift hunter club

Earn legit money from gift hunter club by doing different online activities. And you will cashout via :

. PayPal 

Earnviv.com App

Earn legit money fromearnviv by doing different online activities. And you will cashout via :

. Crypto & Cash


Anyone can join squishyCash to earn money. By only sighning to squishyCash you will get $3 bonus. There are so many ways to earn some money to your pocket by doing surveys. And you can cashout your money only if you have atlest have $15 via:

. Payza

. Amazon 

. PayPal 

Points prizes

Earn points by completing various tasks as:

. Downloading new apps

. Playing games 

. Participating surveys

Reward XP

Reward xp is focused on games, so if you really like games then i guess you will land on a safe place that will be a benefit to you because you will earn while having fun at the same time! Also if you are a lover of watching videos, you also fit here in at reward XPAnd when your payment have reached $5, you will redeem them into your :

. PayPal 

. Bitcoin

. Prepaid Visa cards

Bitcoin block puzzle app

Get bitcoin and earn crypto with this amazing app. In this app you will earn free bitcoin by selecting and taping the blocks. To withdraw your earning, you will need to have a coinbase account in order to receive your money. 

Bitcoin food fight app

Earn bitcoin by playing this interesting game that you will have to throw knife to food! You have to withdraw your earning to your coinbase account when you have reached minimum earnings. 

Bitcoin suduku

Play this game of classic soduku game and get free bitcoin! Not only is the essential sudoku game to play, you will get rewarded with bling points that you will be exchanging with bitcoin 

Money gun app

Earn money by completing:

. Offers

. Surveys 

. Watching videos

. Installing apps

. Trading of coins

Naira money app

Make money online in Nigeria by doing online tasks like :

. Taking surveys 

. Watching videos

. Reading news

. Going to facebook

. Referring people 

Bundle Africa app

This app is a social payments app for:


. Crypto

. Bitcoin

. Etherum 

Cash Ball app

This app will let you earn money but it will take a long time to collect enough diamonds to cash out. You will have full fun but at the same time you will earn money that you will withdraw to your PayPal account. 

Tap tap app

Get paid to complete simple tasks inside tap tap app. For sure, it is easy to earn money here since you will do tasks like plying games. You will cash out your earns via:

. Amazon gift cards

Make money app

Make money by trying free games, trying apps, watching short videos and daily checking in bonus. You will cashout your earnings through PayPal,gift cards, Amazon and more. 

Get money sms app

Get payed straight into your PayPal or bitcoin account by doing work inside get money sms app by only installing it your phone. Get money sms will pay you when they are sending sms to your phone to test them! In this app you don't have to do anything.


In order to earn passionate money from these apps, you should work hard towards them and put more effort. The above apps are legit and they are so secure to be used by anyone who who wants to earn money online. Try these apps and leave a comment on what you think about these apps if they are legit or scam. 


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