3,600 Year Old Ancient Disc Contains Heaven's Secret So Debate

LONDON - An ancient disc considered to be the oldest 3,600-year-old star map will soon be on display at the British Museum. The artifact is included in UNESCO's global list of important historical documents because it provides a unique view of mankind's early knowledge of heaven.

The collection belonging to the German State Museum of Prehistory in Halle was loaned to the British Museum for the first exhibition after 15 years of its discovery.

The British Museum said the exhibition was part of an exhibition at Stonehenge, which opened in February. "It will open the eyes of the world," said Neil Wilkin, curator of the exhibition The World Of Stonehenge reported by BBC News.


The Nebra Sky Disc and sun pendant are two of the most extraordinary objects dating back to Bronze Age Europe. "We are delighted that these two will be an important part of our once-in-a-lifetime Stonehenge exhibition at the British Museum," he said.

Archaeologist and Bronze Age expert Prof Miranda Aldhouse-Green previously told the BBC that the symbols on the Nebra disc were part of a widespread belief system in ancient peoples' belief that sky dwellers worshiped the sun or the moon.

"Nebra has put all of these symbols together, it tells us for the first time maybe what people really see, feel and believe is heaven," he said.


disc was found near the German city of Nebra along with swords, axes and other items dating back to the Bronze Age by two illegal treasure hunters.


Although it is widely thought to be from the Bronze Age, in the past others have claimed it is a fake. Last September, the debate resurfaced when two archaeologists published a new paper suggesting that the object may be about 1,000 years younger than the Iron Age.


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