3 Amazing Facts About Call Of Duty Mobile !

Call Of Duty Mobile has so many pros and cons to it. Here's some facts about it the good and the bad! 

Fact 1. Builds and Loadouts !

It’s recommended for players to get or set a primary weapon they can reliably aim with. Building loadouts with weapons with high ammo count, fast reload, and decent handling, would be the perfect example for a great build. 

Fact 2. Scorestreaks !

Scorestreaks are what you call UAVs, Predator Missiles, Sentry Guns, and even the Goliath armor and so many more add ons that are important in multiplayer. Trust me you're gonna want to use these to win!

Fact 3. Leveling Up !

Honestly playing game after game can literally level you up . Winning for one is a great way to level faster! Sometimes spending cash can also get you ahead, if you don't wanna take your time or waste time.




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