3 communication mistakes that can make a person cut you out of his life

1. Kindness as a given 

Very often we do not appreciate what our loved ones do for us. We take gifts, services, and help for granted. Just because we got used to, we believe that it is logical, it has always been and should be. 


For example, a colleague constantly treats us to coffee, a neighbor helps to repair the car without asking for payment. Sometimes it is inattention and forgetfulness, which prevents in time to congratulate on his birthday, to thank for the support, moral, physical, financial. 


2. Inability to apologize, admit fault. 

There are individuals in the world, with such a high sense of superiority that they do not feel the need to apologize, even if he stepped on the man's foot or broke his phone. They immediately start looking for excuses: "why are you standing wrong, why did you put your gadget in the wrong place? Or just "it was an accident", so there's nothing to apologize for. 


Such people are incapable of admitting they are wrong, under any circumstances, with a few exceptions - if it suits them. 

3. not a day without humiliation 

Another mistake that destroys human relationships is the constant belittling of others' merits, achievements, successes, and problems: 


Oh, how much you earn there; 

Never mind, a temperature of 39, it's not a big deal; 

It does not take much intelligence to knit a hat; 

A senior manager is not yet a director. 

More often this is a sin of parents, downplaying the efforts of their children, considering them not successful enough, not worthy of praise. But there are relatives and friends who are unable to be happy for their loved one, to appreciate his or her achievements and efforts. 


Some people are even ashamed to show positive emotions. Being themselves constantly exposed to criticism, living in emotional stinginess, they could not learn to express delight, praise, approval, appreciation.


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