3 Health Benefits of Ginger You Shouldn't Miss

Ginger health benefits 1. Pain reliever Ginger contains compounds called gingerols. These compounds contain antioxidants and can reduce inflammatory enzymes. Therefore, ginger can help reduce pain and inflammation, especially menstrual cramps and arthritis

Cleveland Clinic dietitian Candace O'Neill says ginger may also improve knee pain associated with osteoarthritis.

2. Improve blood sugar regulation Gingerol compounds in ginger also help keep blood sugar levels stable. This can help with the management of type 2 diabetes symptoms. "Ginger reduces enzymes that break down carbohydrates, thereby helping metabolize glucose (sugar)," says O'Neill. People with diabetes type 2 is unable to produce enough insulin, which is key to ensuring glucose circulates throughout the body and does not build up in the bloodstream. Ginger can also help regulate this.

Research has also found that ginger encourages your muscles to absorb glucose, without requiring you to take extra insulin. 3. Reduce nausea Eating fresh ginger can help reduce nausea, including morning sickness, motion sickness and the side effects of some chemotherapy. Ginger can help reduce nausea because it improves the way food moves through the digestive tract. "It does this by blocking serotonin receptors in the lining of our gut," says O'Neill.

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