3 important life lessons everyone must know

  • Nothing we see in this world is ours. We do not have any right to claim anything as our own. When we are born, i.e., when we come out of our mother's womb, we are naked and come out empty-handed. We are born empty-handed we leave earth empty-handed. The moment that starts from birth and ends with death is what we call life. That is a fact about our lives. Every soul on this planet is aware of it, but we often forget it during the race for wealth. Everyone wants to earn more wealth that, in the process, we often forget that we cannot take our wealth or any material possessions to the grave. These possessions will pass to another hand after our demise. We should realise that the key to a successful life is not the amount of wealth we have, but to live our life to the fullest and fulfil our purposes on this earth.


  • What we do comes back to us. These can be good or bad deeds. We will get what we deserve for all the goods things that we do. Similarly,  all the evil we commit will come back to us. We are all humans and, we do make mistakes, so we don't need to be punished for all the mistakes that we commit. What matters is why we committed it and what we will make of it. A person cannot refrain from committing any evil because mistakes are inevitable. A good human being realises his mistake and acts accordingly. Sometimes it is necessary to do something that is not right. We should realise that sometimes doing the wrong thing will be the right thing to do.


  •  Different bodies, but one soul. We, humans, are made of stardust. We are all part of nature. When we think about these sentences deeply, it is all quite true. After a person's demise, that person gets cremated according to their beliefs. We are all aware that over time a dead body is decomposed and, all that remains will be the skeleton. If that is the case, then it is clear that despite a person's faith, after death, whatever happens to a body, the same phenomena takes over everybody's body. What is a soul? The soul is what keeps a body moving. The soul is an energy that conducts a body. Death is when the soul leaves the body. We do not know when our soul is going to abandon our body. So we must live our lives without worrying about the almost non-existential issues that we may come across daily.


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