3 important tips to give your son

Most people get it wrong sometimes. This is the first piece of advice. I remember when I was a teenager. Always attached great importance to public opinion. But it's not always right. That's especially important to know when you're young. After all, guys in the company will say different things. 


For example, to do something. Teenagers are always pushing for questionable things. And here you need to know that you should not believe them, and follow their words. It is better to appeal to logic rather than public opinion. 


Teenage problems are really weighty. A teenager is going through the maximum amount of emotions. Maybe the girlfriend left, friends don't accept, problems at school, and so on. Think back to yourself, it was very difficult. And often the young man hears that his problems don't mean anything. 


In theory, it does, five years go by, everything will be fine. But it's hard in the moment. These are really strong emotions and big problems. So you need to support your son, not tell him that his problems don't mean anything. 


One is drawn to the self-sufficient. Also an important thought. The third piece of advice should be: "Do not try to please everyone, run after someone. Reach out to someone who is self-sufficient." After all, people often run after others. They pretend. 


They pretend to keep their friends or their girlfriend. But it's better to be who you are, that's important. Such an individual and self-sufficient person will always be surrounded by people. Really important advice.


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