3 must-have foods while working from home that help heal and repair body


According to Rujuta, fruits provide a boost of antioxidants to fight the free radical damage that we face while working from home. She recommends fresh and seasonal fruits should be a part of your daily diet, as they help fight against bacteria-borne illnesses. She also recommends eating fruits rich in probiotics that nourish the good bacteria in the gut. Also, fruits rich in fibre are good, as they help boost the digestive system. 


As per studies, due to long working hours at home, the body works less against gravity and results in the decline of bone mineral density. Keep that in view, Rujuta suggests eating a handful of nuts daily to repair bone health. Symptoms of this loss may include flabbier appearance, change in period pattern, excessive bleeding, headaches during premenstrual syndrome. According to her video, chana or chickpeas are rich in minerals, amino acids (proteins), fibre, vitamin B6 and are highly effective at recovering the loss. You may add jaggery to chickpeas to satiate your sugar cravings. 


Even Ayurveda considers ghee as a magical ingredient that helps boost the immune system and is also beneficial for skin, joints, and digestion. It contains short-chain fatty acids that help smoothen the digestive processes and reduce eye strain. According to Rujuta, ghee is effective in reducing fat around the belly and thighs as well. Also, ghee can help bring back the sense of satiety

04/4Foods that help heal and repair body

The new normal for working professionals is all about work-from-home and this change of lifestyle in the last 1.5 years has not only impacted mental health but physical health too. From weight gain to loss of bone mineral density, there have been many issues that the younger generation is facing. But, what’s the solution? According to celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, these problems can be solved with certain traditional food habits. In a recent Facebook live video, the nutritionist recommended foods that can heal and repair the damage that has been caused to humans due to stagnant


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