3 myths about dinosaurs that even educated people believe (which are not true)

Dinosaurs often get into the circle of interest of kids, sometimes staying there until the record third or fourth grade, but few retain this fascination until adulthood. Probably partly because of this and among adults, educated people widespread myths about these ancient animals: still, that the school that the institute, these tailed fossils do not pay much attention.

However, it is never too late to understand, and that is what we will do in our today's selection: here are some popular myths about dinosaurs - just myths that you should not believe in.


1. Dinosaurs roared.

In fact: they didn't have that option.

One of the most common myths is probably the impression, thanks to the cinema, that dinosaurs... roared. And if you remember the vast majority of sci-fi movies, to find in the back of the memory of such, where a huge mega would not roar, like a voiced, and really hardly get.

As for the reality, the dinosaurs could not growl with a high degree of probability: their physiology does not allow it. Dinosaurs simply did not have an apparatus by which they could produce sounds close in frequency to a roar. By the way, it is not quite quiet: scientists believe that they were helped to make some sounds by a syrinx, the organ by which today's chickens, sparrows and all the rest used to coo, tweet and so on.


2. Birds are descended from archaeopteryx.

Actually: not really.

Although scientists do not deny that some dinosaur species are related to birds (as in the case of the Syrinx), it would be a mistake to assume that birds are descended from archaeopteryxes.

To say that it is from it that modern creatures are definitely not. The fact is that Archaeopteryx was more of a byproduct of evolution: in the end, this species drifted away to the side, giving way to more adaptable counterparts.


3. Velociraptors were intelligent and worked in a friendly close-knit collective

In fact: they were a bit silly for that.

Velociraptors are often portrayed as devilishly clever brutes, capable of cornering anyone, and certainly not alone: as a rule, a fan of this kind of historical fantasy has to observe almost an interdiction plan aimed at just one or two bipedal poor fellows.

In fact, as much as we would like to bow before the intelligence of ancient reptiles, the thinking resources of velociraptors were hardly sufficient for anything other than excellent animal intuition and fast movement. Moreover, the team spirit was not so close to them: recent studies have shown that they hunted alone, with no particular passion for team building and joint dinners.


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