3 phrases you should say to your child from childhood

"Adults can be wrong." Often we say the opposite. That adults know best, adults should be listened to and respected. In theory, this is often correct, but there are exceptions. And they are not so rare. After all, there are a lot of adults who are stupid.


Even a teacher at school can say a very stupid thing. You have to make sure that the child learns to think, to analyze, and not take everything for granted. Adults can make mistakes, so you need to ask more questions and question their words. That way the child will be many times smarter in the future.


"Follow your dreams." Unfortunately, we do the opposite here, too. Sign up for those sections that the child is not interested. Forcing them to get good grades, and even go to university.


The point is that if the child will explore the world by himself, follow his dream, it will be better. Yes, there will be a lot of mistakes at the beginning. But it is more likely that he will find himself, will find what he loves. He will live in happiness. There are a lot of people now who have always listened to their parents, and never found out what's interesting in this life.


"Friendship is more important than you think." When we're kids, we don't think about that. It seems to us that there will always be friends. After all, we have them in the yard, in kindergarten, at school, and even at university. But that will not always be the case. Now this problem is acute.


People graduate from an educational institution, and they realize that they have no friends. After all, they didn't treasure them, didn't build strong relationships. It didn't seem important. But, in the end, many are left without friends, which is very sad. So we have to give this clue to our children.


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