3 real mystery that the Earth is really an old planet

The Earth, the third planet in the universe, it was said that the erth is about 4.6 billion years old , is this true? , Well let's get to know what mystery surround the Earth and if it's possible the Earth is surely that old enough.

The first mystery to back up the discovery and theory is

1.Earth came together (accreted) from the cloud of dust and gas known as the solar nebula nearly 4.6 billion years ago, the same time the Sun and the rest of the solar system formed. Gravity caused small bodies of rock and metal orbiting the proto-Sun to smash together to create larger bodies. Over time, the planetoids got larger and larger until they became planets. More information about planet formation is in the chapter about the solar system..

2.When Earth first came together it was really hot, hot enough to melt the metal elements that it contained. Why was the early Earth so hot?

  • Gravitational contraction: As small bodies of rock and metal accreted, the planet grew larger and more massive. Gravity within such an enormous body squeezes the material in its interior so hard that the pressure swells. As Earth’s internal pressure grew, its temperature also rose                           3..Astronomers have carried out computer simulations that are consistent with these facts and have detailed a birth story for the Moon. A little more than 4.5 billion years ago, roughly 70 million years after Earth formed, planetary bodies were being pummeled by asteroids and planetoids of all kinds. Earth was struck by a Mars.
  • And also the existence and extinction of the dinosaur a million years prove the Earth is enough the age 


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