3 simple tips from a trainer on how to start getting in shape



The basis of slimness and muscle mass is not sports, but nutrition. Any athlete and a good nutritionist will tell you that nutrition is the basis of everything. You can lie on the couch and lose weight. Or you can stay in the gym and have a nice belly button.


The fact is that no one cancelled the laws of physics and chemistry. And they are the same for everyone. If we consume more calories than we get, we lose weight.


It is necessary to figure out your current caloric intake, then make a small deficit and watch the dynamics. And, of course, remember about the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is possible to lose weight on fast food, if you have a caloric deficit. But the quality of your body is unlikely to please you even at the "ideal" weight. On my channel there are a lot of materials about nutrition, study and be healthy!



Despite the previous point, activity and sports are of course also important. It is already shaping your functionality, health and figure. And it is easier to boost your energy deficit with active pleasures, not with another cutback on your already limited diet.


Do not do that sport, which you do not like. Find something to your liking, thank God there are many kinds of sports, games and activities. If you choose the right one, you will combine pleasure with use and a healthy lifestyle will quickly become your style.


And do not forget about everyday activities! Walking, walking instead of the elevator, a couple of stops are not on the bus, the first of the family run for bread, and so on. At home, we have plenty of chances to increase our calorie intake. Much more than a few workouts a week. So don't be lazy and make your life active!


Mental Health

Something that hasn't been talked about much recently, but which has a huge impact on the results of any endeavor, including losing weight and shaping your dream figure.


Your nerves need to be in order, you need to get a good night's sleep. It is worth working on neuroses and to protect yourself from stress. And if there is nowhere to go, compensate the stress on the central nervous system by proper rest, meditation, walks and any useful and interesting joys.


A harmonious nervous system and healthy hormones are very important for anyone. Especially for a person who is working on himself or herself.


That's the kind of advice that is simple on the one hand, but important on the other. If you don't succeed in something, work through each of them separately in detail and consciously.


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