3 things that women consider flaws in themselves, but men like it

The first thing is ignorance of some things. The point is that a man likes to feel his importance and his intelligence. That is, if a woman does not know something, and the man tells him and explains it, he will be pleased with himself. It is also important that the woman understands that she really does not know something. That is, she can calmly accept the new knowledge and advice from the man.


In this case a man will like it. After all, a woman listens, gets knowledge and advice. It's nice to feel that someone learns from you. It's also important that not only a woman is able to take advice, but that the man has something to say. That he was a really smart man.


The second thing is the lack of cosmetics. It would seem that the whole world already says that makeup is necessary. Girls have been using it practically since childhood, repeating after their mother, for example. And girls from childhood are told that you have to be beautiful, hence the desire to constantly use makeup.


And if a woman does not use it, for example, did not have time, and came to work without makeup. She will think that this is a flaw, that you need to be beautiful. But many men think that without makeup is better. Many men are in favor of natural beauty. Even I, for example, have more desire to communicate with a woman if she is not wearing makeup.


The third thing is when a woman can't dive into the complex topics a man is talking about. Again, we are talking about an intelligent man who is able to immerse himself in intelligent, deep or professional topics. A woman may feel stupid in front of such a man, will think it is a flaw. The disadvantage is that she can't support and develop those topics.


But that's a plus. Speaking as an intelligent man. When you're with a woman, you want a break from everything. From work, from smart topics, from tension of any kind. Yes, some women can support those topics, but it's nice when they don't. Hunting to relax, to watch a movie together, to discuss less important things. That's how a man relaxes and enjoys himself. That is my opinion.


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