3 tips makes you successful in life

1. Be disciplined:


“One of the most important things is to make a schedule and be very disciplined in following it. I would ensure that by the end of the day, I had covered whatever I set out to do that day. I would not give myself too much leeway when it came to the work schedule I had prepared,” she says.


2. Factor in breaks:


“This is not a short-term project and one should not approach it like one either. Imagine this to be a marathon and ensure that you pace yourself well. This is a 1.5-year-long journey and therefore whatever plan you make must be sustainable. As and when you finish portions in your list, give yourself a well-deserved break. This will also help you come back stronger,” she adds.


3. Be 100% sure of the syllabus:


“The first thing I did was to have a printout of the syllabus handy. With that, I found the prescribed book list to get started. Before an aspirant starts their preparation journey, one should spend some time going through the syllabus to get an idea of what can be asked in the examination. Comparing the syllabus and investing in books accordingly will save you time and money going forward,” says Sarjana.


She reiterates the importance of using minimal study resources and utilising the time to go through the same material multiple times. “I never studied from many sources. I read the same material over and over again and ensured that I was 100 per cent sure of everything in that book/resource material


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