3 tips on how to start your morning for a successful day

The first piece of advice is to get up right away. Why is this important and how to do it? It's important to get up right away, because many people like to stay in bed for a long time, set a lot of alarms, and so on. This makes us more lethargic. If a person gets up right away, he is already much more serious about the day.


So how do you get up right away? Put the phone in another part of the room. Then we have to get up right away to turn off the alarm clock. And once we're physically up, it's much easier to make the bed and start the day. Yes, it's not a guarantee, but it gets a lot easier.


Second tip, make a plan for the day. You don't have to do all the chores. But making a list is worthwhile. When you have free time, it's worth looking at the list. Do something and move on. If you make a list in the morning, then during the day the time will be used more effectively.


We won't have a situation where we're sitting around doing nothing. Or, for example, there will be a desire to watch a movie. We'll look at the list, and we'll see that it's better to do two or three things. Yes, rest is important, but most people rest too much, and they don't come to success. And we have a goal to create a successful day, which means we need a to-do list made in the morning.


The third tip is to do a couple of small but important things before you leave the house. Most of us go to work in the morning. But there is time in the morning. You'll have a successful day if you read ten pages of a book in the morning, and do ten minutes of exercise. It seems like only twenty minutes.


But when we leave the house, we already have two victories. If victories start the day, that's great, I think. Even more so, it's a plus for success. After all, books and exercise, it's mind and health. But you can come up with your own assignments, allocate a different amount of time, and so on. The point is to do a couple of wins before you leave the house to set yourself up for success.


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