3 tips to help you enjoy life

Live in the moment, think less about the past or the future. I think this is the most important advice in principle. After all, people are often hung up on the past. They remember how good it was. Or they think about the future. It's unsettling or, conversely, enjoyable. But the point is the same, these things take us away from the present moment.


A person will not live the summer with pleasure if he is constantly remembering past summers, or thinking about the fall or winter that is coming. Yes, remembering or daydreaming is not a bad thing. It's bad when there's too much of it. So much that there's no room left for the present moment.


You have to stop sometimes. Breathe in the air, look around, realize that this is the moment. That's how the enjoyment of the moment comes.


Second tip. Get out of the house more often. If there are any interesting events or activities, it's better to go. Nothing will happen at home for sure. Outside the house, though, there will be lots of interesting things to do. Often I agree to events without even knowing what will be there. I just know that all the best emotions have been experienced among people and outside the home.


Maybe that's not the case for someone else, but that's the trend. I mean, it's nutritious to get out of the house more often, and do it with other people. Then there will be more moments of enjoyment. Not sitting at home all the time.


Third tip. Stop getting light pleasures. It could be sweets or even videos on the Internet. Our enjoyment works like this, if we get a lot of enjoyment artificially, we will get little of it in real life.


If a person has eaten a delicious and unhealthy meal all day, watched funny videos, and succumbed to other bad habits, he has no desire to go for a walk. To get pleasure and enjoyment from an ordinary walk, from life itself.


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